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Secure, optimised mobile solutions for the liberated future

0330 660 0277

We are a technology company with a business focus.
We use the latest technologies to solve the problems faced by today's organisations

Unified Endpoint Management. Mobile Security. WiFi.

Mobile doesn't just mean working on the move. Now, you're using macOS, Windows 10, Apple iOS, Android on smartphones and tablets at your desk, with secure bespoke apps.

With enterprise mobility management and mobile application management, everyone can work everywhere. We call it business liberation.

Talk to us about getting your business in shape for the wireless way of working.

  • Developing, securing and managing apps from end to end
  • Connecting multiple devices and apps securely
  • Management of macOS and Windows 10 with UEM/EMM 
  • Managing mobile apps and devices whether they are moving round the office, or around the world
  • Bring-your-own – BYOD/BYOx/consumerisation
  • Corporate Owned, Personally Enabled - COPE
  • Corporate Owned, Business Only - COBO

We'll give your people the freedom of working productively with their chosen devices, in their own way. And we'll give you the control and security that defends your apps, your assets and your IP against constantly changing threats.

Appurity is about Liberation

  • We set your people free to be innovative, responsive and more productive
  • We are dedicated to optimising and securing fixed and wireless networks for the pure, uncluttered delivery of apps and applications to any end point, fixed or mobile
  • We create secure infrastructures that work the way you work and liberate your people to deliver outstanding results, faster and at lower cost