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Appurity Exhibit at The British Legal Technology Forum.

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Appurity Exhibit at The British Legal Technology Forum.

27 March 2017 | Cross-Platform EMM Solution ,Rubus

The recent British Legal Technology Forum saw Appurity showcase Rubus, the iManage work connector for smartphones. As a native app for Android and BlackBerry it integrates iManage with the device’s email to allow many features including “Send and File”, “File from Inbox” and the sending and receipt of NRL’s.

Appurity’s Product Director, Andy Tipton, commented “Legal and financial firms are looking for methods to enhance productivity, and to allow fee earners and partners the ablity to recover time lost due to lack of mobile network coverage. Innovations such as Rubus, allow users to gain valuable time back and we’re really excited by the number of firms keen to take advantage of the Rubus solution”.

As Europe’s largest legal technology conference and exhibition, The British Legal Technology Forum 2017 is where tomorrow’s legal and commercial technology systems, strategies, processes and platforms are showcased and discussed.

Another key discussion point for the Appurity consultants was the EU’s General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and their impact on client data confidentiality in relation to mobility. Appurity are in discussions with several firms concerned with data leakage and breach protection as well as ensuring that enterprise mobility management systems are compliant with GDPR.

Appurity Director Steve Whiter commented “Even the most security-aware businesses are reviewing, and enhancing, their mobility solutions, whether this is the EMM, the container or apps. Appurity are helping many organisations with their mobile device and app security. We bridge the gap and ensure mobile devices and apps adhere to regulations whilst trying not to alter user's existing habits and working practices”.

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