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BES10 and Secure Work Space Compatible with iOS 8.

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BES10 and Secure Work Space Compatible with iOS 8.

14 September 2014 | BES10 ,BlackBerry ,Apple ,Growing Mobile Workforce ,Secure Workspace ,MDM

As the leading multi-platform mobility management provider, BlackBerry is committed to ensuring that enterprises can manage devices with the newest operating system (OS) versions. That’s why today we’re announcing support for Apple’s latest mobile OS, iOS 8, ahead of the rollout announced for September 17.

BlackBerry has made available several BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 (BES10) updates to ensure that customers can deploy iOS 8 from day one:

  • BlackBerry has released Maintenance Release 4 for BES10 v10.2 to ensure that the ActiveSync® gatekeeping feature is compatible with iPhone and iPad devices upgraded to iOS 8. In addition to that, administrators will have additional policies to restrict new iOS 8 features, such as cloud sync and activity continuation.
  • The BES10 Client with version is now available on iTunes for download. We recommend that device users install the latest version of the app before they upgrade to iOS8.
  • The Secure Work Space Email and PIM Client, Work Connect for BES10 and the Work Browser for BES10 have been updated to versions 1.0.13144.284 and 1.1.13146.190, respectively. Users of Secure Work Space are recommended to install the updates from iTunes before downloading the latest iOS 8.
  • The Secure Work Space soft token client, Work Security ID for BES10 is both RSA Ready Program certified and compatible with iOS 8. 
  • Support for Secure Work Space application wrapping for iOS 8 will be made available on Friday, September 12. Customers deploying in-house-developed apps to Secure Work Space using the “Secure Applications” app wrapping should re-wrap their application for compatibility with iOS8.
  • Additionally, updates to Documents to Go for BES10 and SECTOR ecosystem apps will be made available by the respective app vendors in the coming weeks. Note that the time of release may vary by application partner. An indication of the readiness for iOS 8 will be provided by the app partners and on the Secure Work Space ecosystem

Source: Business Blog

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