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Radley Yeldar supports BYOD and compliance requirements with MobileIron and Appurity.

Radley Yeldar is an independent, London-based brand, marketing and communications agency. The 200-strong team of specialists have been working with multinationals, start-ups, private companies and public bodies for more than 30 years. They tackle complex challenges for complex organisations by defining their story, communicating it simply, changing behaviours and delivering results.

Radley Yeldar works with clients in many highly regulated industries such as pharmaceuticals, financial services, and energy production. Security is a top priority because these companies not only have to meet strict compliance requirements, they also have to prevent intellectual property theft from hackers and competitors seeking valuable data about financials, product development, and other competitive information.

To ensure the security of confidential data on iOS and Android devices, Radley Yeldar chose MobileIron enterprise mobility management (EMM) to help prevent unauthorized file sharing and access from unmanaged devices and apps. Although the company considered other EMM solutions, MobileIron was the clear choice to meet the company’s very unique requirements for mobile security. Appurity and Garnell Corporate Communications, Radley Yeldar’s mobile provider, helped the company conduct a thorough assessment to identify all of their requirements for high-level security, BYOD policies, and future mobile deliverables. MobileIron and Appurity delivered a comprehensive proof of concept that allowed Radley Yeldar to thoroughly test the technology and end-user experience across all of these areas.

MobileIron offered the best fit for us because we needed to secure a large BYOD program,” said Mark Amos, IT Director at Radley Yeldar. “We wanted to put a secure container on employee-owned devices to prevent users from sending client files to an unsecured, external source, such as a personal email address. We also wanted to guarantee that the container would not impact personal apps and data so employees would feel comfortable enabling it on their own devices. MobileIron ticked all of the boxes,” he said.


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Key Benefits

  • Prevent sensitive data from being shared with unsecured devices and apps
  • Centrally deploy and manage a secure device container that protects user privacy and corporate apps and data on employee-owned devices
  • Meet strict industry compliance standards for mobile security

Email+ prevents data loss on employee-owned devices.

As the communications arm for several large organizations, Radley Yeldar distributes a large volume of highly confidential documents, such as annual financial reports and marketing campaign strategies, over email. For example, producing an annual report requires Radley Yeldar’s employees to have access to highly sensitive investor and financial information. MobileIron Email+ provides a secure email solution that enables the company to prevent users from copying files from the secure device container and distributing them to a personal email or cloud storage account. Prior to MobileIron, the company could only block employees from using Exchange ActiveSync to access corporate email, but users could still open the attachments through webmail on their devices outside of the office.

Data loss is one of the biggest concerns facing large enterprise customers today, particularly as more organizations expand their mobile and cloud footprints. When contracting with an outside agency like Radley Yeldar, clients in high-security industries typically require an initial security application and annual review to ensure the agency meets industry compliance standards.

We have found that when clients review our security portfolio, MobileIron is a widely recognized mobile security leader,” said Amos. “It makes the review process very easy, because MobileIron is a quick check box. It gives our clients confidence and greatly simplifies the compliance process for us.”

Radley Yeldar also needed to gain buy-in from end users. MobileIron made it easy to demonstrate not only how the solution works on their personal devices, but also the benefits to employees. For instance, if a device is lost or stolen, it can be locked and tracked down until it is located. If a user forgets the device PIN, MobileIron can quickly recover it. Users also gain confidence knowing that the MobileIron admin can’t view any personal content, and only corporate apps and data can be removed if the device is out of compliance or retired. After employees saw how well the MobileIron solution worked they quickly opted in to the BYOD program.

Looking ahead: Aiming for the cloud.

Every modern enterprise needs to be prepared for the next generation of mobile technology so they can use it to transform their business processes. With MobileIron, Radley Yeldar knows that they can scale and adapt their mobile strategy to take advantage of new capabilities while keeping client data secure.

We feel like we’re really ahead of the curve with MobileIron. They understand that you can’t take security lightly, and it has to be at the core of how you do business. At the same time, staying competitive means you have remain open to new technologies and ways of doing business, like moving to the cloud. When you have a good security platform in place you can embrace new technology with confidence,” said Amos.

For further information on Appurity, our services and how we are helping customers with their EMM, app and device strategies across all verticals, please contact us.

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