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BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Suites - Collaboration Edition

BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Suites - Collaboration Edition

The BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Suites - Collaboration Edition provides mobility for core business apps. It allows you to ensure your critical apps are as reliable and available on the move as the services you deliver to PCs behind the firewall.

This is a mobility solution with layered security, protecting apps, data, and devices. The suite features app containerization, to protect all business data on corporate-owned or BYOD devices.

  • Policy-based app controls prevent corporate data leakage
  • Security for enterprise data in use, at rest and in motion
  • No need for geo-location or whole device wipe techniques, preserving user privacy on personal devices
  • Simple deployment and management, through a web-based console
  • Cloud-hosted option available

The Collaboration Edition incorporates a wide range of secure collaboration apps, supporting unlimited deployment of the leading 3rd-party ISV apps secured by BlackBerry.

  • Enhances collaboration with mobile email, OneDrive and SharePoint access, instant messaging and secure browsing
  • Secure mobility for critical Microsoft applications, including Office
  • Mobilise core business apps such as Salesforce, Oracle, IBM, HP, MicroStrategy, DocuSign and more

The BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Suites - Collaboration Edition enables real-time communication on mobile devices without compromising security, including industry-standard messaging systems like Jabber and Lync. Users can access and share documents securely, enabling the kind of collaboration that accelerates effective decisions and prompt action.