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MobileIron Rooms

Book meeting rooms instantly from your smartphone

Meetings. They're as old as business.

Yet even in the most advanced and tech-savvy organisations, just finding somewhere to sit and talk can be a pain in the backside.

MobileIron Rooms takes the pain away. You can find a room, for immediate use or for a future appointment, and reserve it with the tap of a button.

No more wandering up and down corridors, or open-plan offices, or between floors. And you have the perfect response to disruptive people who "thought I had this booked..."

Browse and book

You can see pictures of the available rooms near you, or near where you are going to be, if you're booking ahead. MobileIron Rooms shows what's available, for how long, and where to find the room that's right.

You can also see how many people the room can accommodate, and what facilities it has, such as interactive whiteboards or videoconferencing. And if you need to extend the booking and the room is still free, you can add the time you need with a tap of the screen.

Quick set-up

Rooms is a cloud-driven web-based management console. It's easy to set building geo-fences and room locations, customise views, and update room photos, with no need for on-premises server software. You can set up the environment in minutes.


Direct integration with Microsoft Office 365 allows Rooms to draw all the information it needs direct from your Outlook calendar and policies. You don't have to set up a completely new system.

The reservations are sent as the usual Outlook meeting invitations, so that users don't get an unfamiliar experience. This also means that Rooms reservations integrate with the usual non-Outlook calendar systems.

Simple security

As a MobileIron product, Rooms is secured by MobileIron Core and MobileIron Cloud EMM solutions. You can automate deployment of the app, and simplify the setup process for users. You can also restrict access to Rooms if the device is compromised.