Revolutionising business Wi-Fi

Aerohive Networks is revolutionising business Wi-Fi with controller-less architecture and cloud integration. Appurity can deliver Aerohive solutions to help you reduce the cost and complexity of your Wi-Fi networks.

Simple and secure solutions

Aerohive helps IT radically simplify wireless and wired access with Cloud Networking. Thier technology is sophisticated yet straightforward, offers unrivalled choice and flexibility, and continually solves real world problems with continuous innovations.

Our Aerohive services

Device management

Whether your organisation opts for a public or private cloud solution, our Aerohive solutions to match all your requirements

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Device integration

Appurity can help you seamlessly integrate mobile devices into your wireless infrastructure – without cumbersome authentication methods – making it easier for your people to access Wi-Fi.

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Network Partners

Since 1996, Extreme has been pushing the boundaries of networking technology, driven by a vision of making it simpler and faster as well as more agile and secure. Their higher purpose has always been helping our customers connect beyond the network… strengthening their relationships with those they serve.

Aerohive Networks products


Aerohive switch


Built on the deep, feature-rich HiveOS operating system, Aerohive Networks provides state-of-the-art gigabit switching with advanced features like multiple authentication for voice and data coexistence.


Access points

Aerohive’s wireless access points provide next-generation cloud networking that eliminates single points of failure. You easily manage thousands of access points from a centralised cloud management platform.



The XR200P provides secure branch routing for distributed organisations. The VPN Gateway Virtual Appliance simplifies VPN termination for thousands of remote branch offices.

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