Android Enterprise Recommended

Find the best Android Enterprise devices and services

Starting an enterprise mobility deployment can be complex. That’s because there are thousands of devices and services to choose from.

Finding the right technology to invest in can be difficult and time-consuming.

Fortunately, Google’s Android Enterprise Recommended programme makes it easier to select, deploy and manage Android devices and services for your organisation.

Google Play Protect

Always-on app analysis, scanning and removal

Management APIs

Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) enforced policy controls

OS Platform

Hardened platform security for device and data integrity


Dedicated secure hardware elements carry out the most critical tasks

Choose with confidence

Android Enterprise Recommended simplifies the selection process so you can start your search with a shortlist of approved devices and services. Select from a curated list of verified devices and services that meet elevated enterprise requirements from partners trained and supported by Google.

Deploy easily and consistently

Consistent deployment, management and user features that make it easier to deploy, scale and support Android. Android Enterprise Recommended helps you cut down on support costs and spend less time deploying and servicing devices.

Stay up to date

Android Enterprise Recommended helps ensure devices are up to date with regular security patches delivered within 90 days. Android Enterprise Recommended service providers are always current on the latest Android features and training.

Recommended UEMs

Android Enterprise Recommended can also be used to recommend unified endpoint management (UEM) solutions for your devices.

BlackBerry is a cybersecurity software and services company dedicated to securing the Enterprise of Things. BlackBerry UEM and Android Enterprise allow you to deploy and manage devices securely across all users. From corporate-owned to employee-enabled devices, BlackBerry gives you the ability to support all Android users in your enterprise.

Learn more

MobileIron will enable your enterprises to secure and manage information as you move to mobile and the cloud. MobileIron will also help you to preserve end-user privacy and trust. This powerful UEM delivers Android integration for on-premise and cloud platforms, allowing your enterprise to secure all your Android devices.

Learn more

Android platform security keeps devices, data, and apps safe.

Enterprises rely on smart devices for critical business operations, collaboration, and accessing proprietary data and information. Google continues to invest in Android to drive business success.

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