Android Enterprise Recommended

Multiple layers of security

Android Enterprise provides security against every threat so you can be confident your organisation’s data is always protected.

The world’s most popular mobile platform, built for business

Google Play Protect

Always-on app analysis, scanning and removal

Management APIs

Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) enforced policy controls

OS Platform

Hardened platform security for device and data integrity


Dedicated secure hardware elements carry out the most critical tasks

Help your IT team to keep your data secure

Android provides management APIs that will allow your IT team to prevent data leaks and keep your organisation compliant.

Detect mobile threats

Google Play Protect delivers built-in, always improving protection to keep your apps and information safe. It will even let your IT people know if an internally developed app contains a known vulnerability.

Built-in platform security

The Android platform uses app sandboxing to isolate apps. The operating system establishes a chain of trust and uses cryptographic methods to ensure the hardware and platform have not been compromised.

Hardware-backed security

Using a trusted execution environment (TEE), Android devices run privileged or security-sensitive operations like PIN verification and verified boot.

Stay ahead with patch updates

Google issues monthly security patch updates for Android to device makers, ensuring that they have the capabilities to fix vulnerabilities that are discovered in the operating system.

Effectively manage Android Enterprise

Appurity can help you to manage Android Enterprise with powerful endpoint management solutions like BlackBerry Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) and MobileIron.

Add endpoint security to Android Enterprise

Appurity can help you to implement a highly secure Android Enterprise environment for all your mobile employees with a range of endpoint security solutions including:

MobileIron Threat Defence
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Android Enterprise

With an improved security model for biometrics, Android 9 applies industry-leading technology to protect sensitive data.


Android platform security keeps devices, data, and apps safe.

Enterprises rely on smart devices for critical business operations, collaboration, and accessing proprietary data and information. Google continues to invest in Android to drive business success.

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