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App Culture

Problems and opportunities

Apps, mobile application management and the liberated culture of work

Mobile application management, mobile application delivery, mobile device management, hybrid apps - once again the language of IT is changing.

  Now, it’s all about securing the mobile endpoint.

It has to be safe to drive functionality and network access out to mobile devices: smartphones, tablets and, with a nod to tradition, laptops. And increasingly, this means support for a growing mix of devices and operating systems:

  • Mobile devices: BlackBerry, Apple iPhone and iPad, Samsung, Google and Windows 10
  • Mobile operating systems: BlackBerry 10, BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Suites and legacy BlackBerry deployments, iOS, Android, Android for Work, Samsung KNOX, Windows 10

App culture is a mobile, flexible, liberated way of working that puts individuals in control of the devices and mobile applications they use.

It’s powerfully productive, but you have to retain control, to protect network assets, data and IP at the core of your infrastructure.

Then there’s game-changers like NFC, augmented reality, 4G and even 5G. And should you be building native apps, for BlackBerry, iOS, Windows or Android, or should you opt for HTML5 and the cloud?

Appurity is ready for these challenges - whether they present you with problems or opportunities.

  • Our focus is on liberating your organisation, your people and your network from the clutter of old and redundant technologies.
  • Appurity will equip you with a pure and secure infrastructure that is ready to align itself with whatever the future brings.

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