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Aging infrastructure

The future has happened - don’t miss it.

Aging Infrastructure by AppurityRefresh and rejuvenate your networks

Appurity will rejuvenate your aging infrastructure by conducting an audit of your business needs and assessing how well your existing deployment serves them.

It may not need a complete rip-and-replace. You may simply need to modify or upgrade your existing networks to achieve the optimum blend of hardware and software, liberating new capabilities from end-to-end.

Network refresh

The content your network needs to carry has changed dramatically.

Voice, video and the cloud are making new demands on old deployments.

You need a network that can deliver the services, apps and that your people are going to need if you want to remain competitive and profitable.

And you need a network that can support BYOx, with multiple devices and operating systems, secured and managed from end to end.

Infrastructure audit

We’ll keep what’s working and make recommendations for improvements and additions that secure the foundations of a sustainable, profitable future.

  • Core - intelligent switching designed for today’s distributed infrastructures can give you greater control while releasing more capacity
  • Cabling - we’ll make sure the wires that connect your business together have the capacity and strength to deliver - and that everything is connected correctly
  • Routing and switching - every point in the network is critical; our audit will highlight bottlenecks and inefficiencies and we’ll recommend solutions
  • The edge and beyond - bring-your-own, apps and the cloud bring their own new challenges; Appurity’s experienced team will adapt and improve your network to accommodate the demands of the new technology
  • Security - an old network is a vulnerable network and change can open new doors to intruders; as we update, upgrade and improve your infrastructure we’ll ensure your security deployment evolves in line with the changes

Liberation means secure networks optimised for new technologies and fully aligned with your business mission.

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