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Business Apps

From the application to the app.

Business Apps by AppuritySecure delivery of business apps – to any device

Business apps are changing the way we work. That’s why mobile application management mobile app delivery and secure mobile apps are key priorities.

  • Apps are highly specialised, usually focused on performing a key task very well
  • They are perfect for a more mobile, flexible and agile way of working
  • A business app can be native on a device, or based in the cloud, with the device interface effectively serving as a portal into the app functionality

Appurity’s mobile security services allow you to deploy the best business apps – including your own bespoke apps – with security that extends all the way to the endpoint.

Mobile application management

Securing apps from end-to-end means designing policies to determine which apps can connect to your network, and who is allowed to use them.

Mobile application management also allows you to make sure that the people who need to be using particular apps – such as sales people who should be using a reporting app – have downloaded the app and have kept it up to date.

As a BlackBerry® Managed Mobility Partner, we offer a full mobile application management solution for BlackBerry 10 devices, including the new BlackBerry Unified Endpoint Manager (BES) console.

We can also help you secure your apps, their data and their connections to your network, with MobileIron solutions. Appurity is a MobileIron partner and we can provide solutions that automatically enforce MDM and MAM policies. Without a prescribed MDM client installed on the device, apps will not run.

Appurity is a member of the Apple Consultants Network and we can also provide management for the Apple Volume Purchase Programme (VPP).

Bespoke business app development

Appurity can help you take a key business task and build an app that automates and simplifies it. Standard forms, policies and procedures, customer service processes, sales reports – apps can take away all kinds of laborious repetition and makes things quicker and easier to use.

We can build native apps for specific operating systems – BlackBerry, iOS or Android – or we can develop for HTML5 and the cloud, making your business app device-agnostic.

  • Security: mobile application management, application firewalls, secure apps, mobile device management and network security appliances, securing endpoints, data centres and everywhere in between as part of an optimised, high performance solution
  • Consultancy: auditing your network and your business processes to find the optimum fit for new applications and apps
  • Integration: blending existing services with new technologies
  • Optimisation: assessing and adapting your networks for the effective delivery of applications and apps to fixed and mobile devices
  • Support: long-term maintenance and support of your infrastructure, helping to maintain best performance and reliable ROI

Liberation means using apps to transform productivity, empower workers and foster a nimble, responsive way of working.

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