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Mobile Application Delivery

Getting the apps - and applications - that matter to the people that matter.

Mobile Application DeliveryMobile Application Delivery with Appurity

While apps are stealing all the headlines right now, business-critical applications like CRM and ERP have not gone away.

  • Mobile applications continue to evolve rapidly, driving new bandwidth-hungry content across fixed and mobile networks that must keep pace with the change 
  • Mobile security services, enterprise network optimisation and mobile application delivery and management are top of the networking agenda
  • Mobile device and application management are essential services, covering Apple iPhone and iPad, BlackBerry, Samsung, Google and Windows 10, running iOS, BlackBerry 10, Android and Windows.
  • MobileIron reports that 60% of their customers already have a BYOD programme – and they point out that it’s apps, more than devices that are the real drivers for consumerisation; looking ahead, BYOx must be the priority, covering apps as well as devices

Smart content

Your integrated fixed and mobile infrastructure needs new kinds of intelligence to ensure you get maximum return on your investment in enterprise applications and apps.

You also need to know that your infrastructure is consistently secure from end to end, even if your team are connecting via their own mobile devices.

Cloud integration

Then there’s the cloud. To go fully mobile and agile, you’ll need to integrate at least part of it into your fixed infrastructure.

Appurity knows this stuff. We’ve been guiding customers through the accelerating technology revolution since “convergence” was a new idea.

  • Audit - we’ll assess your existing network to see how well adapted it is to your application delivery needs
  • Design - we’ll propose changes and additions that will take your network forward, in line with the needs of your organisation
  • Install - we’ll get our hands dirty with wireless deployments
  • Secure - your network will be secure from end to end
  • Optimise - your network will deliver the content you need reliably, consistently and at optimum speed
  • Maintain - we’ll make sure everything continues to perform, ensuring availability and stability and keeping downtime to a minimum

When you are reliant on enterprise applications, you have to know that the networks that deliver them are in safe hands. With Appurity, you can rest assured.

Liberation means delivering the productive power of enterprise applications wherever they are needed.

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