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Secure, optimised mobile solutions for the liberated future

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Protecting Intellectual Property

Secure your IP - and make it work hard for you.

Protecting Intellectual Property by AppurityIntelligent security

Appurity understands the complexities of network and mobile security in the age of the complex mobility environments, across multiple device manufacturers. We can provide intelligent security solutions that adapt to your business needs and allow you to make the most of your online presence with minimal risk of a damaging intrusion.

  • Threat analysis - we will assess the level of risk, internal and external, and the most likely sources of any attack
  • Security audit - we will review your security policy and deployment in the light of the threat analysis
  • Security recommendations - using the findings of our research, we will show you where any significant gaps in your defences may be and how you can close them
  • Implementation - we’ll act on our recommendations, bringing in new solutions where necessary and upgrading existing defences
  • Solutions – mobile device management, app firewalls, secure WiFi and Wireless LAN, data centre security, intranet and extranet
  • Long-term security - your security policy and deployment will be kept up to date and ahead of the hackers, keeping disruption and downtime to a minimum

Liberate the flow of ideas across your organisation

Brands, ideas, products and services are assets. So is your corporate reputation. They are valuable to you, so they have value for others - anyone from a mischievous teenager or an unhappy employee to a calculating industrial spy.

It is one of the downsides of the Internet’s free-for-all culture that it carries the risk of deliberate or random attack on your network and your online presence.

Productivity and personalisation

Yet it is that same culture that allows you to move your ideas faster around your organisation, cutting cycle times and boosting productivity. It also means that you can get closer to customers, delivering incredible levels of personalised, profitable service.

So it’s vital to protect your infrastructure against hacking attacks that can plunder your IP, damage your brand and interrupt the smooth transition of content and resources across your business.

Liberation means securing your networks to boost productivity, improve collaboration and accelerate time-to-market.

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