Apple Device Enrollment Programme

Apple Volume Purchase Programme (VPP)

VPP is the simple and scalable way to find, buy, distribute, and manage your apps and books. It enables your organisation to buy high volumes of world-class apps for iOS devices and Mac computers.

Pick the right apps

You’ll find thousands of apps to choose from on the App Store or the Mac App Store. These apps cover a many categories, ranging from business and productivity to finance and travel, plus a great deal more. Books from the iBooks Store are also available for purchase through the VPP program.

Custom apps

You can also purchase custom B2B apps for iOS built specifically for your business by Appurity. These apps can then be procured privately through the VPP store.

Managed distribution

With VPP’s managed distribution feature, you can distribute apps and books directly to managed devices or authorised users. Plus, you can easily monitor what content has been assigned to which user or device.

Control and own all your apps

You can control the entire distribution process from start to finish, and retain full ownership of apps. Then, when apps are no longer needed by a device or a user, they can be revoked and reassigned to different devices or users within your organisation.

Appurity are part of the Apple Consultants Network and has met the strict requirements for inclusion in the program. As a part of the Apple Consultants Network, we maintain comprehensive, up-to-date knowledge of Apple products and services, to ensure they continually provide the best possible solutions for their customers.

Streamline Your Distribution

Get apps into the hands of your users quickly and easily with an MDM solution. When you assign an app, you retain ownership, so you can revoke and reassign it as needed.

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