Appurity and Garnell: a strategic alliance for business mobility

23 February 2017

A Strategic Alliance.

Appurity and Garnell Corporate Communications have established strategic alliance that provides customers with the best of two highly specialised areas of expertise: enterprise mobility management, and mobile network services.

It means customers get the rich skills and experience of both partners, rather than working with a single provider who may not have all the fully-developed capabilities you need.

Appurity and Garnell are already providing several customers with complete business mobility and comms services. We can blend device and application management with mobile and fixed line network services, together with unified communications, bespoke apps and cloud services.

As well as ensuring the best available rates for network provision, Garnell brings a service ethic to the alliance that is closely aligned to our own philosophy. Just as Appurity bases all recommendations on a thorough audit of your mobile estate and user preferences, Garnell backs its digital comms expertise with service and support packages that match your operational needs and keep downtime to a minimum.

With customers as diverse as Continental, Polaroid and Callaway, as well as many leading legal and accountancy practices, Garnell’s breadth of experience and industry knowledge is a close match for our own track record and capabilities. You will always be working with consultants and engineers who understand your business needs, and who are used to working in highly regulated environments.

Often, business alliances are driven by the benefits of cost-savings and shared resources they deliver to the allies, rather than the needs of customers. Garnell and Appurity have joined forces in direct response to customer demand. This is an alliance of cultures, with a shared commitment to providing the right bespoke solutions for customers, backed by great service.

Endpoint Management

Your employees increasingly rely on mobile endpoints to perform business tasks. But these endpoints need protection against threats and vulnerabilities. By using an Appurity mobile endpoint management system, you can easily and securely manage both company-provisioned and employee-owned devices in a BYOD environment.

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