AppurityConnect becomes a BlackBerry® ISV Partner

20 July 2018

Enabling deep integration with iManage.

With the imminent release of Oriel, the iManage connector for BlackBerry Workspaces, Appurity Connect will become a BlackBerry® ISV Partner.

This is in parallel to many enhancements to Rubus for Android and BlackBerry 10, which enable deep integration with iManage, to support features such as “send and file”, “file from inbox” and “open NRL”.

As cross-platform mobility specialists, Appurity have been assisting customers with their secure mobile and app initiatives, developing both line of business and consumer apps.

Oriel, the iManage Connector for BlackBerry Workspaces

The Oriel connector allows iManage Work users to access and share documents using BlackBerry Workspaces giving greater control and protection of your content.

Businesses can have the best of both worlds. They can continue to use iManage to create, manage and collaborate on projects from anywhere on any device. At the same time, BlackBerry Workspaces reduces the risk, complexity and cost of sharing information created in iManage across and beyond your organisation.

Learn more about Oriel

BlackBerry Workspaces for secure file sharing and collaboration.

BlackBerry Workspaces provides secure file storage, synchronisation and sharing for every use case and budget.

With BlackBerry Workspaces, file-level encryption and user access controls let you maintain control of your content even after it leaves your firewall. Workspaces also embeds digital rights management (DRM) protection in your files. That means you can control what the recipients can do with files once they gain access to them.

Learn more about BlackBerry Workspaces

To understand the benefits of Oriel and BlackBerry Workspaces please email

For more details or to book a demo on Rubus for Android please contact or visit the Appurity Connect web site.

Whether you need to enable personal productivity, facilitate team collaboration, or mobilise and transform your entire business, BlackBerry Workspaces is the best choice for secure file collaboration.

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