Crisis Communication is a comprehensive emergency mass notification system

A solution designed for protection

Crisis management has become a critical component of business continuity and disaster recovery planning. BlackBerry AtHoc is used when an incident hits, to minimise the impact and to enable rapid recovery, with minimum harm to your people, your systems and your organisation.

Emergency situations happen. They can be natural or man-made. And every second can make a difference.

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Session 1: The Concept

Date: 22 October 2020  |  Time: 16:00

Duration: 30 minutes

In this session we give an outline of how AtHoc delivers a secure cloud platform that connects users, organisations and devices wherever they are.

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Session 2: The Demonstration

Date: 29 October 2020  |  Time: 16:00

Duration: 60 minutes

In this session we delve into how AtHoc delivers an emergency notification system unifying all networks and devices to alert everyone that needs to know, from a single web-based console or mobile device.

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