BlackBerry Enterprise Identity

Single Sign-on to Cloud Services

Cloud services are critical in today’s enterprises, yet a reliance on the cloud comes with real and growing security risks. Enterprises need a simple, secure solution that provides mobile-first single sign-on for all services.

Controlling access to your organisation’s cloud services is vital, but many identity platforms are large, complex and costly to maintain.

Delivering access control

BlackBerry Enterprise Identity delivers access control designed for optimal user mobility and cloud security. It is fully integrated with the BlackBerry Enterprise platform, the leader in secure mobility, so it can meet your organisation’s toughest security needs while still offering easy deployment and management.

Single Sign On for All Services

BlackBerry Enterprise Identity delivers a superior single sign-on user experience. Employees can use one password for all cloud and standards-based services, across all mobile devices (iOS, Android™ and BlackBerry) and traditional computing platforms (Windows and macOS).

Customise Authentication Methods

BlackBerry Enterprise Identity allows you to choose from several authentication methods:

  • Password: uses the same password that users use every day.
  • Two-factor authentication with BlackBerry 2FA: offers a faster, simpler process than legacy two-factor authentication, which typically involves PINs, codes, and/or hard tokens.
  • Mobile Zero Sign-On: allows users to access cloud services on mobile devices without needing to sign-on by leveraging device trust.

BlackBerry Enterprise Identity

With BlackBerry Enterprise Identity, you decide which authentication method to use for any given service, user group, or combination of the two. Using stronger methods only where they’re needed makes them easier to deploy and more acceptable to your employees.

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