BlackBerry Spark – for a hyper connected world

BlackBerry Spark Communication Services provides embedded real-time intuitive communications. This includes data sharing within your apps, devices, sensors and systems. All communications benefit from end-to-end encryption with digitally signed messages, and guaranteed data delivery.

Unmatched Privacy, Compliance and Security


BlackBerry Spark is a secure solution that lets you build powerful connections. It’s all about securing your organisation in a hyper connected world. This can either be your internal systems or customer-facing applications. Spark is the connectivity leader in the Enterprise of Things (EoT).

How it works

Spark powers communication and data transfer between devices. From drones that share GPS coordinates with each other during spatial analysis to smart cameras that recognise authorised viewers. Spark Communication Services can even send data between large fleets of sensors and many types of authenticated endpoints in peer-to-peer transfers.


Spark is the technology that gives a voice to cutting-edge AI systems, such as digital assistants and autonomous vehicles. AI is the next transformational revolution that is fundamentally changing the way the world runs.

Tech you can trust

Spark Communication Services is there to provide secure communication between your systems and your users. BlackBerry has decades of experience in securing communications with over 80 security certifications and scalable architecture proven to support over 100 million active users and billions of daily messages.

Shaping the Future of Connectivity and Privacy

BlackBerry Spark leverages the company’s deep portfolio of technology that has earned 80+ certifications, more than any other IoT vendor. It includes FIPS-validated, app-level, AES 256-bit encryption to ensure data is always protected on a device, across the mobile network and into a company’s infrastructure.

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