Can AI effectively protect your endpoints from malware?

11 July 2019

AI is a formidable weapon against even the most advanced malware

The latest artificial intelligence (AI) can be used to automatically detect and resolve potential malware or cyber-threat incidents. What’s more, it all happens without human intervention. So, in terms of protecting your mobile devices and endpoints, AI is a formidable weapon against even the most advanced malware.

In the new era of mass-manufactured malware, a traditional antivirus (AV) approach to protecting your mobile endpoints isn’t enough. In other words, signature-based AV alone is insufficient to protect your mobile devices and your data.

Next-generation EDR solutions

The next generation endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions focus on prevention rather than detection. This means eliminating the risk of malicious activity executing on the endpoint completely (proactive), as opposed to trying to quickly detect an attack after it has happened (reactive).

This new approach doesn’t use human-created file signatures at all. Instead, it uses AI based on machine learning to automatically distinguish good (benign) files or activity from bad (malicious) files or activity based on mathematical risk factors. Once this good/bad classification is made, it’s possible for a machine to decide what to do with these files in real time.

Cylance provides a proactive way to protect your business. Their prevention-first model is powered by AI and requires no human interaction whatsoever.

Cylance by numbers

25 months

Cylance predicts threats up to 25 months before they’re found in the real world


One customer saw their endpoint threat detection number drop from 30,000 to under 10 a day


The false positive rate is 0.000314%, which is one of the market’s lowest


It’s 100% SaaS and takes just a few minutes to install remotely (there’s also an on-prem option)


Cylance products are already being used by more than 4,000 customers


This technology doesn’t depend on the cloud so it can prevent unknown cyberattacks with zero connectivity.


Cylance doesn’t rely on signatures. It uses advanced mathematical science and AI to identify the difference between good and bad files, which is a much more efficient way to prevent incidents and protect endpoints.

Put simply, Cylance will stop stuff that you’ve never heard of or seen before.

More efficient protection

With the traditional endpoint detect and response (EDR) model, the idea is to capture every event on the endpoint. This gives you a trail of information that can be meticulously investigated to find out exactly what happened.

In a prevention-first system like Cylance, there’s no need to hang onto every single piece of data. Cylance only grabs artefacts that relate to the protect event, making it much more efficient.

This means any data collected is much more relevant and this also reduces cost and time, especially when it comes to searching through the data to find a resolution to any threats identified.

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Our BlackBerry Cylance products

Cylance Protect - BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Suits

CylancePROTECT is an integrated threat prevention solution. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to block malware infections, while additional security controls safeguard against script-based, fileless, memory, and external device-based attacks.

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Cylance Threat Zero - BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Suits

Cylance ThreatZERO experts blend technological expertise and personalized, white glove service to optimize Cylance security solutions. Get the most out of your investment while creating a protected environment that runs smoothly, accountably and effectively.

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CylanceOPTICS is designed to significantly reduce the number of alerts generated by the security stack. This reduces the burden and frustration of endless alert investigations leading nowhere.

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BlackBerry Cylance - BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Suite

BlackBerry Cylance uses artificial intelligence to deliver prevention-first, predictive security products and specialised security services that change how organisations approach endpoint security.

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