Can your legal firm assess the risk of “trusted” mobile apps?

06 February 2020

At the British Legal Technology Forum 2020 – Europe’s largest legal technology conference – Appurity and Lookout will be discussing the Spectrum of Mobile Risk.

With unrivalled experience of mobile security, Burak Agca, Senior Enterprise Mobile Security Engineer at Appurity and Lookout, will provide a compelling and valuable insight into the major risks affecting the legal sector.

Threatening and malicious apps

WiFi attacks

Phishing URLs

Lookout – addressing risks in the legal sector

By applying data forensics, Lookout provides legal firms with visibility into the risky behaviours of mobile applications.

A recent IDC report ranks Lookout as a leader in Mobile Applications Security Testing (MAST).

Security issues stem from the fact that applications can link to a wide range of artefacts. Things like your address book, calendar, microphone, camera, even your clipboard. All these artefacts represent a risk to legal professionals.

“If legal firms don’t understand the potential dangers of so-called “trusted” apps, then they’re opening themselves up to significant risk from a data perspective.”

Burak Agca
Senior Enterprise Mobile Security Engineer

The legal implications

No-one understands better than Lookout and Appurity the importance of mobile security, especially within the legal profession.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to evaluate the range of mobile-based risks for your legal firm, based on current threats, vulnerabilities and behaviours.

You’ll leave the session with a deeper understanding of the prevalence and impact of mobile threats and vulnerabilities with real-world data. Plus, you’ll learn the best way to assess the risk of “trusted” mobile apps.

Products we’ll be showcasing

Lookout protects mobility for some of the world’s largest enterprises, critical government agencies, and tens of millions of individuals worldwide. They’ve achieved this by partnering with leaders in the mobile ecosystem globally, and they’re only getting started.

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Android platform security keeps your devices, data and apps safe through app sandboxing, exploit mitigation and device encryption. Google Play Protect actively scans each device around the clock and never stops learning, so you’ll always have the very latest in mobile security.

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With Rubus, you can provide your users with iManage functionality integrated with email on their smartphone or tablet.

iManage is the document management system of choice for Legal and Finance customers. The challenge is how to extend its reach to your mobile device. Appurity Connect has worked closely with the OS manufacturers, 9Folders, EMM vendors, and iManage, to build this app, bridging the gap between smart devices and iManage.

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Now your people can have the best of both worlds.

Your staff can continue to use iManage to create, manage and collaborate on projects from anywhere on any device. At the same time, BlackBerry Workspaces reduces the risk, complexity and cost of sharing information created in iManage across and beyond your organisation. It’s a win-win situation thanks to Oriel Connector.

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