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How Bristows LLP, a Leading Technology Law Firm, Secures its Lawyers’ iOS Endpoints with Lookout

June 2021

Our client

Headquartered in London and Brussels, Bristows LLP is an international hub for litigation, transactions and advice for leading life science and technology companies. The law firm maintains the largest data protection practice in Europe.

Throughout its nearly 185-year history, Bristows LLP has been dedicated to maintaining the privacy of its high-profile clients.


  • Secure its lawyers’ mobile endpoints against a broad range of attacks
  • Provide visibility into cyber risk, to protect leading technology and life sciences clients
  • Provide a seamless deployment to corporate iOS devices
  • Intuitive but unobtrusive interface for lawyers using mobile devices

The Results

  • Seamless deployment of Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security to more than 350 iOS smartphones.
  • Protect against device and application threats while providing privacy controls the users required.
  • Complete visibility of mobile threats, and can ensure GDPR compliance with tight controls over application-level data sharing.

Solution: Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security

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The Challenge — Reducing Mobile Cyber Risk

Given the high-profile nature of many of its clients, Bristows lawyers and their endpoint devices have always been a potential attack vector for malicious actors. In fact, numerous government bodies had advised Bristows that lawyers specifically have been a highly desirable supply chain attack target because of their relation to high-risk clients and sensitive data. As such, reducing business and cyber risk has been a longstanding priority at Bristows.

“As a technology law firm, we need to practice what we preach and remain at the leading edge of security tech adoption and innovation.”

Phil Wood, Head of IT, Bristows.

Bristows had used a number of cybersecurity monitoring and incident response tools to help protect against a broad range of cyber threats. But with the rise of mobile connectivity and remote working, even prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, Phil Wood acknowledged that the firm needed to take additional measures to secure its mobile endpoints. Moreover, the growth of increasingly sophisticated mobile attacks, including mobile malware and man-in-the-middle attacks over unsecured Wi-Fi, created urgency to find an equally sophisticated solution.

In addition to very real mobile security challenges facing law firms, Bristows had a cultural driver to maintain a best-in-class security posture and adopt leading edge technologies. And after learning more about the risks involved with a potential mobile breach, it became one of the biggest security threats to the organization.

“Mobile endpoint security was our most pressing risk. While the security apparatus for desktops and the network is quite mature, mobile endpoint security can be a weak point for organizations because employees don’t necessarily take the initiative to load security onto their phones. We saw Lookout as a proactive and robust solution that can address a broad range of mobile threats.”

Phil Wood, Head of IT, Bristows.

The Solution

Phil Wood knew his firm needed a mobile endpoint security solution that could meet several key criteria:

  • the ability to secure its mobile endpoints against emerging cyber risks, while providing visibility into any potential threat its lawyers might encounter;
  • seamless integration with its Microsoft Endpoint Manager (MDM) console and frictionless deployment to its fleet of iOS corporate devices from a cloud-based platform;
  • and an easy-to-use, non-intrusive interface for users who constantly work on their smartphones while on the go.
  • Moreover, the solution had to allow Bristows to comply with EU privacy and data sovereignty regulations.

When a trusted security vendor of Bristows mentioned they had partnered with Lookout and recommended it as a provider, Phil Wood and his IT manager, Chris Jory, connected with the Lookout sales team and Lookout Elite Partner Appurity at a legal focussed conference. Almost immediately, the Bristows team saw the value that the Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security solution could provide for the firm. For Bristows, providing a business case for Lookout was easy — both because of the immediacy of the mobile security challenge and the technical robustness of the solution.

“Lookout gives us the knowledge and security that our mobile endpoints are protected and that any cyber threats are automatically blocked. Moreover, with proactive alerts for our users and extensive visibility into our attack surface, we’re confident that our users are being warned, our devices are protected and that we’re secure as a firm.”

Chris Jory, IT manager, Bristows LLP.


Working directly with the Appurity mobile security consultants, Bristows experienced a seamless deployment of Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security to more than 300 iOS smartphones that are managed by Microsoft Endpoint Manager. Moreover, Bristows was able to calibrate its Lookout deployment at both the device and application level to accommodate the risks and usage patterns that the Bristows users might expect.

Immediately, Bristows IT was able to deliver mobile security with complete visibility into the entire landscape of mobile threats. In addition, Bristows was able to ensure GDPR compliance with tight controls over application-level data sharing. For employees, an intuitive user experience made the rollout and activation of the Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security app simple and easy. As the estate grows, Bristows are looking to introduce Android Enterprise and enhancing the security with Lookout as the providor across both platforms.

“For the richness of its feature set and the price point, we saw no real alternatives to Lookout on the market. Lookout just works. Plus, the customer success teams at both Lookout and Appurity are outstanding.”

Phil Wood, Head of IT, Bristows.

As a high-profile law firm, Bristows takes the security of its high-sensitivity client data as a core business priority. With Lookout, Bristows was able to take a proactive approach to mobile endpoint security and keep its reputation secure as a leading technology law firm.

About Appurity

Appurity specialises in mobile and application security, delivering comprehensive solutions to legal firms. Mobile security is vital in the legal world where devices and apps pose a major risk. Legal professionals are prime targets for attacks designed to access sensitive information. Therefore, firms must safeguard information in the cloud while providing better access to data.

Appurity’s mobile security solutions harness the power of AI and machine learning. Our consultancy and services enable firms to deliver secure devices, as fee earners and partners adopt a more app centric way of working.

First, we find out exactly what clients want to achieve. Our Mobile Managed Service (MMS), device “gold” builds, endpoint security assessments and app assessments enable us to deliver a device build template that adheres to regulations such as Cyber Essentials Plus and GDPR. Then we design, implement and support a secure solution to meet all requirements in the password-less, post-perimeter, cloud-based era.

Our mission is to help mobile workers to use the latest technologies securely, while making them more productive. An important part of what we do is focused on making people’s lives easier, improving work/life balance for legal professionals. Our mobile security solutions can increase a fee earner’s billable hours. For example, Rubus, our iManage app allows users to securely send and file emails when they’re on the move. We also deliver a range of partner solutions including Lookout, Censornet, NetMotion, BlackBerry, Ivanti (MobileIron) and Microsoft Endpoint Manager consultancy.

As a verified Android Enterprise Service Provider, Android Enterprise Device Reseller and member of the Apple Consultants Network, we provide bespoke end-to-end security solutions and services for legal firms of all sizes.

About Lookout

Lookout is an integrated endpoint-to-cloud security company. Our mission is to secure and empower our digital future in a privacy-focused world where mobility and cloud are essential to all we do for work and play. We enable consumers and employees to protect their data, and to securely stay connected without violating their privacy and trust. Lookout is trusted by millions of consumers, the largest enterprises and government agencies, and partners such as AT&T, Verizon, Vodafone, Microsoft, Google, and Apple. Headquartered in San Francisco, Lookout has offices in Amsterdam, Boston, London, Sydney, Tokyo, Toronto and Washington, D.C.

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