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How international law Firm Taylor Vinters LLP
protects its Android workforce with Lookout

29th April 2021

Our client

Appurity, the cross-platform mobility specialist, today revealed details of its delivery of Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security with Phishing and Content Protection and Modern Endpoint Protection to optimise security across all devices of the international law firm Taylor Vinters.

Taylor Vinters handles a great deal of sensitive information, including corporate intellectual property, client and financial data and personally identifiable information (PII), which is accessible to employees via their work-issued Android smartphones and laptops. The firm’s IT team is responsible for providing employees with video conferencing, web browsing and secure access to a whole host of SaaS delivered applications. It must also support requests for the use of nontraditional apps, to meet client preferences for modern communication tools like WhatsApp and others. These apps have the potential to put Taylor Vinters out of compliance or give bad actors an additional avenue to compromise the firm’s data.

Taylor Vinters’ IT team sought a solution that could help it protect its data and meet regulatory requirements. Appurity, a U.K.-based Lookout Elite channel partner, delivered the Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security solution with Phishing and Content Protection and Modern Endpoint Protection to optimise security across all Taylor Vinters’ devices. Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security is purpose-built for mobile devices and protects user privacy by not collecting personal information. By leveraging telemetry from nearly 200 million devices and over 140 million apps, Lookout understands what a mobile threat looks like – it can automatically detect and respond to app, device and network threats.

The benefits of Lookout’s solution include:

Anti-phishing secures sensitive data

Lookout Phishing and Content Protection uses AI to automatically stop known and unknown phishing threats.

Safeguarding devices and data from advanced malware

By continuously monitoring device and app behaviours, Lookout Modern Endpoint Protection protects Taylor Vinters’ mobile fleet against threats ranging from jailbreaking or rooting a device to advanced device compromise.

Ensuring personal applications don’t add risks

Lookout Risk and Compliance provides Taylor Vinters with data from Lookout’s analysis of more than 140 million apps to enforce policies. This means the firm can automate the monitoring to know when an app is introducing risk into their company and take appropriate action. 

“The freedom to work anywhere comes with risk, so we need to ensure every mobile device our employees touch for work-related matters is secure. With Lookout in place, we now have a best-in-class security platform protecting our mobile workforce as we open up the functionality which modern mobile devices and cloud delivered applications can bring.”

Steve Sumner, Steve Sumner, IT Director, Taylor Vinters

“As law firms have been forced to adapt their way of working to enable their employees to connect seamlessly, ensuring they have secured access to their mobile devices is critical. Alongside our partners at Lookout, we’re excited to see the impact this integration has had for Taylor Vinters,”

Steve Whiter, Director, Appurity

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 Protecting the Android Workforce with Lookout 

By leveraging telemetry from nearly 200 million devices and over 135 million apps, Lookout understands what a mobile threat looks like – it can automatically detect and respond to app, device and network threats. 

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About Taylor Vinters

Taylor Vinters is an international law firm supporting the businesses which drive the innovation economy, and the entrepreneurs and private wealth that underpin them. Its practice is global, operating from innovation clusters in the U.K., Asia and the U.S. The firm’s clients range from Fortune 500 technology multinationals through fast growth venture backed and owner managed businesses, to individuals driven by great ideas and a passion.

About Appurity

Appurity specialises in mobile and application security, delivering comprehensive solutions to legal firms. Mobile security is vital in the legal world where devices and apps pose a major risk. Legal professionals are prime targets for attacks designed to access sensitive information. Therefore, firms must safeguard information in the cloud while providing better access to data.

Appurity’s mobile security solutions harness the power of AI and machine learning. Our consultancy and services enable firms to deliver secure devices, as fee earners and partners adopt a more app centric way of working.

First, we find out exactly what clients want to achieve. Our endpoint security assessments and app assessments help clients to select the right measures to protect their firms. Then we design, implement and support a secure solution to meet all security requirements in the password-less, post-perimeter, cloud-based era.

Our mission is to help mobile workers to use the latest technologies securely, while making them more productive. An important part of what we do is focused on making people’s lives easier, improving work/life balance for legal professionals. Our mobile security solutions can increase a fee earner’s billable hours. For example, Rubus, our iManage app allows users to securely send and file emails when they’re on the move. We also deliver a range of partner solutions including Lookout, Censornet, NetMotion, BlackBerry, and Ivanti (MobileIron).

As a verified Android Enterprise Service Provider and member of the Apple Consultants Network, we provide bespoke end-to-end security solutions and services for legal firms of all sizes.

About Lookout

Lookout is an integrated endpoint-to-cloud security company. Our mission is to secure and empower our digital future in a privacy-focused world where mobility and cloud are essential to all we do for work and play. We enable consumers and employees to protect their data, and to securely stay connected without violating their privacy and trust. Lookout is trusted by millions of consumers, the largest enterprises and government agencies, and partners such as AT&T, Verizon, Vodafone, Microsoft, Google, and Apple. Headquartered in San Francisco, Lookout has offices in Amsterdam, Boston, London, Sydney, Tokyo, Toronto and Washington, D.C. To learn more, visit and follow Lookout on its blog, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

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