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A managed service to help you maintain ThreatZERO status

When you opt for ThreatZERO services with your Cylance solution, our experts will bring your organisation to a zero-threat level. In other words, we’ll move your environment into a state of prevention.

Ensuring maximum security

Appurity’s Cylance consulting service team will enable you to maintain ThreatZERO status. Our programme provides an ongoing care strategy. We will assess and remediate any issues that arise to ensure maximum security and continued return on investment for your organisation.

Service overview

Our ThreatZERO Prevention Assurance service provides:

Generation, delivery, and full review of the Cylance ThreatZERO Prevention Assurance or Vital Signs Report

Policy review showcasing best practices, suggested modifications, and further recommendations to re-establish prevention status

Full malware status review during which threats are identified

Full review of potentially unwanted programs (PUPs)

Full review of memory exploit attempts and exclusions

Full review of script control events and exclusions

Thorough review of deployed agent version and update statuses

Thorough review of new product features and upgrades

Eliminate threats to your endpoints

Appurity’s Cylance experts will ensure your environment remains in a state of prevention by constantly maintaining your ThreatZERO status. Through a combination of technology, education and expertise, our team will allow you to move forward knowing all current threats to your endpoints have been eliminated.

Our BlackBerry Cylance products

CylancePROTECT is an integrated threat prevention solution. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to block malware infections, while additional security controls safeguard against script-based, fileless, memory, and external device-based attacks.

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CylanceOPTICS is designed to significantly reduce the number of alerts generated by the security stack. This reduces the burden and frustration of endless alert investigations leading nowhere.

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BlackBerry Cylance uses artificial intelligence to deliver prevention-first, predictive security products and specialised security services that change how organisations approach endpoint security.

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