Does two-factor authentication provide complete protection?

08 August 2019

2FA still leaving users vulnerable to phishing attacks.

Two-factor authentication (2FA). That’s when you use a code delivered to you by an app, a hardware device or a text or email message to supplement your password when you log on to a system. In today’s world of cybersecurity and threat prevention, it’s an industry standard. However, there have been reports that this online security “best practice” is still leaving users vulnerable to phishing attacks.

Since last year’s Reddit hack, many people have been criticising 2FA. So, the Appurity team set about finding an alternative solution.

Our partner iDENprotect provided the answer. They advocate Next Generation Client Identity (NGCI). This is a secure, context based, passwordless security model.

Whereas 2FA often feels like a bit of a pain, most people don’t even realise they’re using NGCI. Yet this advanced security measure is more secure, with a higher level of assurance that the current industry best practice. That’s according to the New York Times.

Whereas 2FA often feels like a bit of a pain, most people don’t even realise they’re using iDENprotect.

How iDENprotect works

Instead of using forgettable passwords or codes, iDENprotect relies on biometric data like fingerprints, facial recognition and voice recognition. So, logins become almost effortless.

In the background, advanced mathematical systems are used to create a private key in the secure hardware of your device to provide an immutable credential.

On top of that, iDENprotect’s persistent intelligence service identifies and prevents risks in real-time. The whole process works effectively without using readable codes. So, there’s no way that you can be tricked into providing a password to phishing sites or emails. Plus, there’s no way your private key can be attacked by malware.

In other words: you’re fully protected.

We’re not completely dismissing 2FA. After all, it’s still better than one factor. But we firmly believe that cybersecurity conscious businesses must consider going beyond 2FA if they’re serious about addressing the constantly increasing number of threats that are lurking in cyberspace.

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