Endpoint security – The importance of building a business case

20 May 2020

Endpoints are now the most popular in-road for cybercriminals.

Today’s savvy hackers prefer attacking threat surfaces that are isolated, vulnerable and integrated into a corporate network. That’s why endpoints are now the most popular in-road for cybercriminals.

The economic backlash of Covid-19 will place more strain than ever on IT budgets. Now is the time to build a business case for endpoint security. Your organisation can’t afford to let its guard down when it comes to maintaining the highest levels of endpoint security.

Appurity endpoint security events

Before you sit down to compile your business case, gain a better understanding of mobile risk and learn how you could be protecting your cloud data at our Lookout Mobile Threat Defense webinars taking place in June and July

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Endpoint security business case essentials

Here are some of the key criteria to include in your endpoint security business case:

Reducing incidents

Solving complex endpoint security problems – especially security emergencies – and all the associated analytics reports and analyses that need to be run is both costly and time-consuming. You need a persistent, unbreakable connection to every endpoint providing the device visibility your teams need to troubleshoot problems quickly and efficiently.,

Creating an undeletable tether

Autonomous endpoints with an undeletable tether improve compliance, control, and visibility. This is a must-have in the new hybrid remote workplace. For endpoint security to scale across every threat surface, having an undeletable tether to every device is essential for scalable remote work and hybrid remote work programs in the enterprise.

Reducing IT asset loss and increasing visibility

Keeping IT asset loss to a minimum, fully understanding asset utilisation, and monitoring the system-level software installed on every device can save a typical organisation hundreds of thousands of pounds a year.

Accurate asset lifecycle planning

With solid data from every device, accurate asset lifecycle planning becomes possible. Having autonomous endpoints based on a hardware connection delivers the data needed to increase the accuracy of asset lifecycle planning and resource allocation, giving IT and Operations the visibility they need at the device level.

Endpoint security costs

Your business case will, of course, need to include endpoint security licensing costs, along with all your change management, implementation and integration costs.

Appurity endpoint security solutions

Over decades, Appurity’s team has amassed a wealth of experience in the ever-evolving field of endpoint security. We offer a range of leading mobile threat defence solutions, providing the highest levels of endpoint security, that can be tailored to your exact business or infrastructure requirements.

Lookout’s personal and enterprise mobile endpoint products provide visibility into over 185 million mobile devices worldwide. This unparalleled visibility into devices, apps, networks, and OS firmware allows Lookout to continuously adapt its machine learning technologies to detect emerging threats with high fidelity.

In our Lookout Security Hub, you’ll find whitepapers, infographics, case studies and much more to help you to understand security challenges in the post-perimeter world.

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MobileIron Threat Defence

Threat Defense allows you to fully secure corporate and employee-owned devices, making your people more productive and protecting their mobile devices against advanced threats. Its non-intrusive approach to securing Android and iOS devices provides comprehensive protection around the clock without impacting the user experience or violating their privacy.

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Cylance Protect - BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Suits

CylancePROTECT is an integrated threat prevention solution. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to block malware infections, while additional security controls safeguard against script-based, fileless, memory, and external device-based attacks.

CylancePROTECT uses AI to identify and block known and unknown malware from running on endpoints.

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