Google announce major enhancements to Android zero-touch

28th November 2020

Making it easier to build secure, managed devices

In 2017, Google launched Android zero-touch enrollment to make large deployments of Android devices seamless and secure. Today, this solution is being adopted by many enterprises to deploy hundreds of thousands of devices in one go, making it easier to build secure, managed devices.

Now Google plans to expand the reach of zero-touch and streamline the management experience.

Extending zero-touch to Android 9.0+

Zero-touch is set to become available on all Android 9.0+ devices through an update in Google Play Services. Thanks to this update, all recent devices, including Samsung devices, will support zero-touch.

If you’re deploying Samsung devices to your mobile workforce, you will have an option to choose between two services: Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment or zero-touch, depending on your business requirements and preferences.

Integrating zero-touch into EMM

Google are also making it easier for enterprises to configure their devices by integrating zero-touch into your existing enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution.

You can now link your accounts to automatically configure and manage zero-touch devices from within your EMM console, instead of having to use the zero-touch portal. This update removes friction from device configuration, since zero-touch now understands which EMM solution you are using and applies auto-generated configurations, all from the EMM console you use every day.

Changes come into effect by end of 2020

zero-touch on all Android 9.0+ devices is now being rolled out to resellers and will be supported by all zero-touch resellers by the end of 2020.

These updates will make zero-touch enrollment an even more powerful tool for enterprise customers, helping you to mobilise with greater speed, simplicity and security.

Watch this Google webinar to learn how the zero-touch updates can benefit your business.

With Android Zero-Touch Enrollment, we can deliver large-scale Android OS deployments across multiple devices from different manufacturers. It’s the fast, easy and secure way to mobilise all employees across your organisation.

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