Hypergate Authenticator –

Enabling true workforce mobility

By leveraging your existing infrastructure, Hypergate will give your employees access to company resources on their Android Enterprise and iOS smartphones. Now accessing corporate data is faster and safer for your entire workforce.

Seamless Single-Sign-On

Easy access to company resources for mobile employees

With Hypergate Authenticator and Files, you can replicate the desktop device setup for Kerberos authentication. This will enable your mobile workforce to access all your business-critical applications and on-premise data on any Android or iOS mobile device. You can use any EMM solution for Hypergate, while utilising your existing investment into Active Directory.

Bringing true mobility to your workforce

As today’s workers demand flexibility, mobile technology is empowering employees to work wherever and whenever they want. But things like seamlessly providing secure access to business-critical resources, resetting Active Directory passwords or simply complying with expiration policies present challenges. These use cases either require employees to use a computer, or force organisations to come up with non-standard workarounds.

Hypergate turns your mobile device into a fully-fledged Active Directory client, using the same infrastructure as any other computer. It’s all about providing your organisation with the ultimate flexibility when designing your modern workplace, without changing your existing infrastructure.

With Hypergate you can remove all dependencies on computers and become truly mobile

Better experience

With the support of certificate-based authentication, your employees will have a seamless, more secure way to access sensitive enterprise data. Hypergate Authenticator is built using standards, making it compatible out of the box with native applications like Google Chrome.

Increase efficiency

There’s no longer a dependency on having to use a computer to change a password or reset an expired password. Your employees can now quickly and seamlessly perform these tasks on the go via their mobile device.

Reduce cost in three ways:

  1. A Single Sign-On means users no longer waste time repeatedly entering their credentials.
  2. Reduce IT support costs by empowering users to reset expired passwords themselves.
  3. Reduce operational and support costs by reusing your existing Single Sign-On infrastructure.

Increase security

Hypergate Authenticator is built using the robust Kerberos protocol, which is the industry standard when it comes to secure authentication. SPNEGO/Kerberized web services are consumed seamlessly using one-time tokens, avoiding the threat of replay attacks.

Business flexibility

Hypergate is compatible with any EMM solution, giving you maximum flexibility and no lock-in for the future.

Seamless Integration

Hypergate Authenticator is a managed application on the mobile device that delivers a seamless and secure Single Sign-On solution integrating directly with your Active Directory.

The solution leverages the industry standard Kerberos to provide the best possible user experience without compromising on security.

Out of the box compatibility with Unified Endpoint Management solutions

Hypergate brings out of the box compatibility with UEM solutions like MobileIron, Microsoft Intune, or BlackBerry® UEM.

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