Authentication without compromise

iDENprotect is a next-generation identity and access management platform. It’s designed to protect your people, data and systems from even the most advanced threats out there.

Beyond two-factor authentication

While your business may rely on two-factor authentication, it’s no longer enough as it is being compromised by attacks that are increasingly sophisticated. For instance, phones can be cloned to give criminals easy access to your organisation and your systems. A committed cybercriminal will try all kinds of convincing phishing scams to trick people into divulging information.

Managed Client Identity –
the right way

iDENprotect is different. It uses a device’s internal security hardware to create a tamper-resistant vault where the owner’s private key is safely stored. With this ingenious approach, even your device’s own operating system cannot force a breach. It’s impossible to copy or remove the key.

How it works: simple steps for secure access


Go to your application or portal login, enter your username, and click ‘authenticate’.


Use your mobile device to respond to the notification or to scan the QR code.


Enjoy simple, password-free access to your applications

Easy to use on a single device

When your employees use iDENprotect, they only need a single device like their smartphone. This gives unrivalled ease-of-use. The best part is: acting securely will become the default for your employees, regardless of where they are located.

One solution: 3 core services

iDENprotect effectively provides a single authentication solution with 3 critical capabilities.

Managed Client Identity

Enables your employees to easily and securely access the data and resources they need to do their jobs.

Unified Single Sign-on

Your people can access everything from web services to windows desktops using a single login. They can access legacy applications too.

Enterprise Identity

Improve and simplify the way you manage internal and external users with granular access to what they need (and only what they need).

iDENprotect – Security, Ease and Flexibility

The fully hardware-backed authentication solution which grows with your organisation and adapts to your risk profile. With iDENprotect you get all the tools you need to integrate multi-factor authentication into your own applications.

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