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Rubus updates make life easier for iManage mobile users

29 October 2019

Making mobile workers more productive

The Appurity team is passionate about using the latest technologies to make mobile workers more productive. But it’s not all work, work, work. An important part of what we do is focused on making people’s lives easier and happier.

In the digital era, everyone has 24/7 access to their mobile devices. The problem is, if you don’t get your work completed during office hours, there’s an expectancy to keep going. But working longer hours means less free time for friends, family and other pursuits.

Reduce downtime to increase free time

iManage and Rubus are designed to help mobile workers in the private, legal, financial, and commercial sectors to be more productive whenever they’re away from the office on business. Ultimately, these technologies can significantly improve work/life balance for everyone who uses them.

iManage Work 10 is the latest version of iManage’s industry-leading document and email management platform for firms.

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Rubus is an app developed by Appurity Connect that brings all the benefits of iManage Work 10 to smartphones.

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Securely access, manage and file documents and email

iManage is the DMS of choice for many organisations because it allows users to securely access, manage and file their documents and email in a matter-centric way. This all works fine if someone’s working on a desktop in the office. But what happens when mobile workers are on their way to meet a client or on the train to and from work?

iManage has a native iPhone app, but it doesn’t have an Android app – even though most UK firms use Android devices to support their mobile workforce. So, there was a gap in the market, and that’s where Rubus comes in.

Rubus also lets users use their smart devices to search iManage when they’re out and about. This allows them to quickly locate the right matters, assignments, workspace, documents or emails – wherever they are.

The Rubus connection

Appurity provides mobile access to the iManage system via the Rubus application. This is the iManage connector for smartphones and the only native Android app for iManage. It’s an ingenious application that allows mobile workers to simply and intuitively ‘send and file’ emails directly to iManage from their email app.

In addition, they can quickly file inbox items to the right matter. Once an email is filed, a green tick appears next to the email, ensuring everyone can keep track of which emails they’ve filed in iManage. The green tick automatically syncs to the user’s Outlook email, so they can even see which emails have been filed to iManage on their desktop PC in the office.

Rubus also lets mobile workers use their smart devices to search iManage when they’re out and about. This allows them to quickly locate the right matters, assignments, workspace, documents or emails – wherever they are.

Updates to iManage and Rubus – coming soon

iManage is set to release Work 10.3, with a range of new features, including support for legal holds and Office 365 integration, amongst others.

This version of iManage also includes a Universal API, which Rubus integrates with. In line with this new API, the Rubus app has a range of complementary updates that will be available in the coming months:

Checking documents in and out

Mobile users can currently download and read existing iManage documents via Rubus. Additionally, the new version of Rubus will enable lawyers to check a document out of the DMS and make amendments to it. While it’s checked out, the document is securely locked and can’t be accessed by anyone else. Once changes are made, the document can be checked back in as the same version or as a new version. This will be an extremely useful feature for professionals on the move.

Adding folders

The ability to add folders will have a significant impact in terms of helping users to be more organised. By creating folders with meaningful names, they can file and find things more intuitively.

Creating new document versions

Version control is an important aspect of document management. It is currently only possible to create new documents via smartphones. With this new update to Rubus, anyone can create a new version of a document, wherever they are working.

Send + File + Delete

This new function will be particularly useful for mobile employees working in a compliance environment. In such an environment, workers must not keep emails in their Exchange server. Therefore, as soon as the document is sent and filed in the DMS, where it’s legally allowed to be stored, Rubus will automatically delete it from the email server.

URL links to documents

Of course, sending a link to a document in the DMS database, rather than sending a multi-megabyte document, is a lot more efficient, especially when you’re working remotely. iManage used to employ NRL links to carry out this task (these are small machine-readable files that are executable and contain a link). The new version of Rubus will simply use a URL to link to documents within iManage.

Want to make life easier for your mobile employees?

With Rubus, you can send and file emails directly to iManage from your email app while on the underground train or quickly file those inbox items to the right matter.

Rubus is the bolt-on to iManage 10 (and earlier versions 8.5 – 9.5) that turns your downtime into productive time. It allows you to find and review correspondence and documents directly from your Matters or Assignments folders, and to email and open NRL links.

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