Publish your apps in record time

A smooth, automated process

The incapptic Connect enterprise software quickly and efficiently enables publishing and updates of internally and externally developed mobile apps.

This solution replaces the error-prone manual publishing process with a smooth, automated process that allows you to publish your apps in just two minutes.

How it works

incapptic Connect integrates with the MobileIron EMM store to provide a complete app release pipeline solution for enterprise customers.

Updates, bug fixes, and new applications can be easily deployed to the MobileIron platform in a few clicks.

This allows organisations to retain complete control over certificate distribution, while external developers can access the incapptic platform without having to access core business systems.

Significantly reducing deployment lead time


Fully automated app resigning process


Automated app validation and signing services can save thousands of work hours


Strong encryption and Chinese walls between suppliers


App directory and user logs give a holistic view of company app projects


Self-service portal allows for swift response times for updates and bug fixes


Automatic code-signing, provisioning profile updates, and metadata appraisal

MobileIron Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) suite

Secure UEM +
MobileIron Threat Defense

Advanced capabilities such as mobile threat detection ensure organisations are continually protected against targeted mobile attacks. MobileIron has integrated mobile threat detection and remediation with their UEM apps to make deployment, detection and remediation easier and more effective.

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MobileIron Zero Sign-On

Advanced capabilities such as passwordless multi-factor authentication (MFA) ensure organisations are continually protected against identity threats and targeted mobile attacks.

MobileIron Zero Sign-on can be added on to MobileIron UEM apps to eliminate passwords and reduce the risk of data breaches.

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MobileIron UEM

Using the MobileIron platform, Everywhere Enterprises can enable employees to work from anywhere, while ensuring that corporate data is secure on any device, application or network.

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A complete app lifecycle solution

Together, MobileIron and incapptic Connect make it easy to develop, publish, and update secure mobile apps. We provide an automated app distribution model that integrates incapptic Connect with MobileIron UEM to provide a complete app lifecycle solution. Our integrated technologies streamline the app development process so new applications can be easily and quickly deployed to end users in just a few clicks. 

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