For a Better Crisis Response Process, Scotland’s Largest Law Firm Turned to BlackBerry.

Given the sensitive nature of the data Brodies frequently works with, security is always front-of-mind. Client data must be treated with the utmost care, protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of both digital and physical files. As such, Brodies maintains comprehensive disaster recovery and business continuity plans, both of which are regularly reviewed and tested. It was during one such review that an opportunity for improvement was identified.


Olive oils the machinery of communication with Aerohive

With all their technical know-how, you might expect the Olive team to sort out their own Wi-Fi infrastructure. But when you're as busy as they are, it makes sense to leave the kind of specialist work involved in creating a secure wireless network to people who know the technology intimately.


Bridging the app gap for AIA

AIA wanted to provide its customers with an app that would allow them to track and trace their cargo from despatch to delivery. The challenge was to create an app that would run on Android and BlackBerry platforms, as well as iOS.


Diligence and detail ensure a smooth MobileIron migration.

Having run BES 5, when the time came to unify and integrate the infrastructure, they decided to move to a bring-your-own solution, managed and secured with MobileIron. Appurity provided consultancy and project management for the migration, as well as supplying, installing and configuring the hardware.


FirstRand Bank in London takes control, so users get more freedom.

The London branch of FirstRand Bank Ltd has users that travel across the world, working in the heavily regulated environment of financial services. They rely on their mobile devices both for work and personal use, and they expect the freedom to use their devices as they please, without compromising corporate security and compliance policies.


Major UK Trade Union United with BlackBerry for its Mobility Needs.

Unison employees needed to be able to keep in touch with one another and work seamlessly and effectively while in the field. Since most of UNISON’s staff found it too frustrating to carry around a heavy laptop, handsets were the clear solution. However, UNISON’s IT team quickly realised that securing those handsets could represent a major roadblock.


Major UK and Irish Law Firm Specialises in Risk Management – That’s Why It Chose BlackBerry UEM.

BLM employs approximately 1700 staff, over 800 of which are lawyers. By the very nature of what they do, those lawyers need to be mobile. They need to be able to seamlessly connect with both colleagues and clients; to access documents, schedules, and other data related to their cases – the firm realised early on that mobility was a way by which this could be achieved.