Intelligent Security

Introducing BlackBerry® Spark Suites

25 May 2020

Tailored cybersecurity and endpoint management

A rapidly increasing number of organisations around the world are demanding intelligent security. That’s why BlackBerry has developed BlackBerry Spark Suites, which launched last week.

The new suites provide enterprises with a range of tailored cybersecurity and endpoint management options to help protect data, minimise risk, and reduce cost and complexity.

“We are excited to deliver the proven performance of BlackBerry’s AI-powered, zero-trust platform to customers worldwide.”

John Chen, Executive Chairman and CEO of BlackBerry

BlackBerry Spark Suites bring together advanced and powerful endpoint security and management capabilities. They are powered by artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and automation for improved cyber threat prevention and remediation from BlackBerry Cylance, plus seamless endpoint management, user authentication, and application and data encryption from BlackBerry® UEM.

The new offerings are set to improve user productivity and layered security defences, while simplifying purchasing decisions for enterprise customers who are undergoing digital transformation and moving towards remote working practices.

“2020 is a pivotal year for organisations trying to maintain business continuity, while undergoing digital transformation and workplace upheaval. With the increased volume and variety of enterprise IoT endpoints and as the scale of cyber threats continues to grow, BlackBerry Spark Suites provide a consolidated, simplified endpoint security and management offering to reduce cost and complexity in a chaotic environment.”

John Chen, Executive Chairman and CEO of BlackBerry

Early adopters secure endpoints

Leading payments provider BPAY Group has already deployed BlackBerry Spark UES Suite – one of the new BlackBerry Spark bundles – to help protect and prevent cyberattacks on its endpoints.

“BPAY Group must ensure complete trust in our operations, service delivery and especially, our data integrity,” said Angela Donohoe, CIO of BPAY Group. “BlackBerry’s AI and ML engine, with its proven ability to prevent, detect and respond to sophisticated threats, was a major consideration in our decision to deploy the BlackBerry Spark UES Suite.”

Unified endpoint security

BlackBerry’s unified offering is developed in-line with the convergence of three key areas:

Mobile threat detection (MTD)

Endpoint detection and response (EDR)

Endpoint protection platform (EPP) tools

Gartner has called this combined infrastructure stack “unified endpoint security.” Forward-thinking organisations that are serious about endpoint security should invest with this convergence in mind.

“I expect a unified endpoint security solution like BlackBerry Spark Suites to become the dominant endpoint security model within the next 2-3 years,” said Jack Gold, president and principal analyst, J. Gold Associates. “Enterprises should be planning now to move towards this unified endpoint security model for increased security, better TCO, and improved user experience.”

Appurity’s endpoint security specialists, who have an in-depth understanding of the offerings, can help you to choose the BlackBerry Spark Suite that’s ideal for your business.

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