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A guide through the world of mobile security

The average financial cost of a data breach is $3.86m

Early detection of phishing attacks targeting any endpoint – mobile and otherwise, has become increasingly more difficult as phishing attacks evolve beyond email.

As part of our series of virtual meetings, Lookout and Appurity have scheduled a Technical Workshop where we will be your guide through the world of mobile security.

Explore Lookout’s technology through a series of presentations, demos, and guided hands-on use cases. You will have the opportunity to enroll devices and familiarise yourself with the admin and user interface.

You will experience first-hand Lookout’s ability to put the trust in zero trust. By moving critical security capabilities to endpoints and establishing continuous conditional access to data based on risk, your organisation can maintain corporate levels of security and compliance, whilst enhance end user productivity and improving business continuity


26 August 2020


10.30am – Welcome and intro from partner

10.45 am – Introduction to Lookout

11.15am – The current threat landscape and threat demo

12.00pm – Get hands on

The top targeted industries

& Healthcare





The top targeted industries are also highly regulated. Source: Lookout

The average financial cost of a data breach is $3.86m

Who is this session for?

This event is intended for Enterprise Security Architects, Mobile Security Managers, Security Operations Managers, IT Security Managers, Network Managers and IT Architect’s who are concerned about their organisations mobile security strategy. This session goes deeper than a presentation, allowing the participants to both view Lookout’s capabilities, as well as experience the technology hands-on through a variety of use cases.

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