Powerful built-in security

macOS has advanced technologies that work together to constantly monitor, encrypt, update, and ultimately keep your Macs safer.

Secure your hardware and software

Apple T2 chip

Includes a Secure enclave coprocessor that provides the foundation for Touch ID, secure boot and encrypted storage capabilities.

Software updates

The best way to keep your Mac secure is to run the latest software. When new updates are available, macOS sends you a notification. Just accept the updates with a click and they download automatically. macOS checks for new updates every day, so it’s easy to always have the latest and safest version.

Encrypted data

FileVault 2 encrypts the entire drive on your Mac, protecting your data with XTS-AES 128 encryption. FileVault 2 also makes it easy to clean data off your Mac. Instant wipe removes the encryption keys from your Mac, making the data completely inaccessible. It then proceeds with a thorough wipe of all data from the disk.

Runtime protections

Runtime protections in macOS help keep your system safe with technologies like XD (execute disable), Address Space Layout Randomisation (ASLR) and Kernel ASLR, which make it difficult for malware to run or do harm by subverting memory or other apps.

Our macOS services

Apple Device Enrollment Programme

Need to rollout Apple devices? With Apple Device Enrollment Programme (DEP), we can automatically enrol and configure your new Mac, iPad, iPhone or Apple TV devices remotely. Make time-consuming imaging and manual configurations a thing of the past.

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Apple Volume Purchase Programme (VPP)

VPP is the simple and scalable way to find, buy, distribute, and manage your apps and books. It enables your organisation to buy high volumes of world-class apps for iOS devices and Mac computers.

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Application development

Need an innovative app creating for your business? Appurity has a highly skilled team of UK-based developers.

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Appurity are part of the Apple Consultants Network and has met the strict requirements for inclusion in the program. As a part of the Apple Consultants Network, we maintain comprehensive, up-to-date knowledge of Apple products and services, to ensure they continually provide the best possible solutions for their customers.

Add endpoint security to macOS

Appurity can help you to implement a highly secure macOS environment for all your mobile employees with a range of endpoint security solutions including:

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Effectively manage macOS

Appurity can help you to manage macOS with powerful endpoint management solutions like:

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Integrated Identity and Mobility Management for macOS

With each iteration of Mac OS X, Macs are becoming more smartphone-like with enterprise-ready management features built into the OS. This evolution is creating an opportunity to leave legacy management behind and move to an integrated identity and mobility management solution to secure and manage Mac devices in an organisation, while at the same time meeting the mobility needs of employees.

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