Mobile Management Services (MMS)

Once your infrastructure is in place, you’ll need to think about new devices. Whether you choose Android or iOS, we’ll help you build the right device with the right security parameters that has the right level of compliance for your industry.

Fast and effective device configuration

If you need to configure hundreds or even thousands of mobile devices, Appurity can help. Our managed mobility experts have got it covered. Leaving you free to concentrate on more important things.

Your Appurity MMS will cover all the policies and processes needed to plan, procure, provision, activate, manage and support your organisation’s mobile devices, network services and apps.

Multi-platform Managed Mobility Services from Appurity

Appurity MMS covers Android, BlackBerry, Windows and iOS platforms. It gives you the flexibility to roll-out corporate-owned-personally-enabled (COPE) policies, or a full bring-your-own-device (BYOD) environment.

Proven partners

We specialise in secure integration of devices and critical applications into technology infrastructures. As part of the Apple Consultants Network and the Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program, we have the expertise and knowledge you need to deploy secure, fully-functioning and managed mobile devices.

Our MMS services

Gold Build

We’ll look at all your existing policies and profiles and then build your device with precise security settings while documenting every step. This is our Gold Build Standard.

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Android Enterprise Zero-Touch Enrollment Programme

Following the Gold Build, Appurity can seamlessly setup and deploy the rest of your devices with the Android Enterprise Zero-Touch Enrollment Programme for consistency across all devices.

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Android Enterprise Recommended

Android Enterprise Recommended makes it easy for your organisation to confidently select, deploy and manage Android devices and services that meet Google’s enterprise requirements.

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Apple Device Enrollment Programme

Following Gold Build, this programme simplifies initial device setup for iOS devices. We can supervise your devices during activation without touching them.

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Apple Volume Purchase Programme (VPP)

VPP makes it easy for your organisation to purchase, distribute, and manage your apps and books in bulk. So, you can provide great content that’s ready for work with flexible and secure distribution options.

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A wealth of device-building experience

“Appurity have been delivering MMS projects for a number of years, providing services to customers ranging from single day, twenty five device deployments to a three year roll-out plan for a mobile fleet of many thousands.”

Steve Whiter, Appurity Director

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