Mobile Phishing – Myths and facts facing every modern organisation – free webex

Date: 18th June 2019

Identify phishing attacks.

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Mobile devices connected outside traditional firewalls, typically lacking endpoint security solutions etc and access a plethora of new messaging platforms not used on desktops.

Additionally, the mobile user interface does not have the depth of detail needed to identify phishing attacks, such as hovering over hyperlinks to show the destination. As a result, mobile users are three times more likely to fall for phishing scams.

Phishing on mobile myth #1

It’s a myth that existing phishing protection covers mobile devices.

Phishing on mobile myth #2

It’s a myth that phishing attacks only occur on email.

Join our webinar as we explore the common phishing myths facing every modern enterprise.

Who Should Attend?

This event is intended for Enterprise Security Architects, Mobile Security Managers, Security Operations Managers, IT Security Managers, Network Managers and IT Architect’s who are concerned about their organisations mobile security strategy.

This session goes deeper than a presentation, allowing the participants to both view Lookout’s capabilities, as well as experience the technology hands-on through a variety of use cases.

Technology we’ll be discussing

Lookout protects mobility for some of the world’s largest enterprises, critical government agencies, and tens of millions of individuals worldwide. They’ve achieved this by partnering with leaders in the mobile ecosystem globally, and they’re only getting started.

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(On the Lookout Hub navigate to the webinars section)

Appurity’s focus on mobile device security and app delivery ensures that our clients across all verticals are provided with best of breed, secure solutions. Appurity are mobile specialists as recognised by our partnership with industry leader Lookout. The adoption of mobile devices, whether iOS, macOS, Windows10 or Android, smartphone or tablet, is driving change in business process and Appurity are helping companies deliver their mobile initiatives. The prevalence of mobile devices has seen an increase in mobile specific malware and attacks; Appurity provide solutions to ensure devices are compliant and secure.

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