mobileiron Authentocator

Multi-factor authentication

MobileIron Authenticator is a modern multi-factor authentication solution that reduces the risk of data breaches resulting from stolen corporate credentials. As a user, you can now confirm or deny login attempts to your business apps using your mobile phone. This prevents hackers from using your identity to steal business information.

Go beyond passwords with modern multi-factor authentication

Seamless single sign-on

MobileIron Authenticator is a part of the MobileIron Access cloud security platform. The addition of multi-factor authentication (MFA) capabilities to Access’s powerful policy engine and seamless single sign-on (SSO) capabilities, gives Authenticator an edge over your run-of-the-mill MFA offerings.

Modern MFA

The industry is moving away from using hardware tokens, instead using a phone as a factor. Authenticator uses MobileIron-secured smartphones as a factor, allowing users to verify their identity via push notifications.

Simple MFA

Enrolling users for MFA is easy. MobileIron UEM deploys the Authenticator app and configures it. All the user needs to do is launch the Authenticator app to activate MFA. With one-touch enrolment, there’s no need for users to read 10 step setup guides, download apps or scan QR codes. It couldn’t be easier.

Smart MFA

Authenticator is part of Access, so you can define context-aware policies. This ensures users are only prompted for MFA when they are on an untrusted device or otherwise untrusted environments. When using trusted devices, apps, and networks, the user gets passwordless sign-on – because today, nobody likes passwords, right?

MobileIron Modernises Multi-Factor Authentication for the Cloud

MobileIron Authenticator is differentiated from existing MFA solutions as it provides a one-touch set-up process for end users, leverages smartphones instead of hardware tokens, and integrates MFA into a comprehensive security workflow that establishes not just user trust, but also device and app trust.

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