Adopt a Zero Trust approach to security across your organisation

MobileIron Core is the ideal on-premises, unified endpoint management (UEM) solution. The latest release (10.1) brings new features and functions that:

Streamline and automate the process of bringing user profiles to life.

Ensure your employees’ business mobile experience is as good as their personal experience.

Add greater levels of protection to data.

Android Advanced passcode

Time-saving screen lock alternatives to traditional passcodes are becoming more popular among users of mobile devices. With Core, admins can make time-saving screen lock technologies (iris, voice match and so forth) available to users and apply granular rules.

SAFETYNET Attestation

Provide greater visibility into Android devices as part of a “defence in-depth” strategy. Using MobileIron, you can easily assess the security and compatibility of the Android environments in which your apps run. Plus, admins can easily identify devices running unapproved Android OS builds.

Display custom terms of service

Core 10.1 can display terms of service (TOS) when a user logs into an AppConnect enabled app. This helps organisations in highly-regulated industries to maintain compliance.

App Insights

This dashboard measures the effectiveness of your app strategy. It provides visibility into app metrics including apps by distribution, top-installed apps, and top-rated apps. Use App Insights to verify the correct app versions have been installed – this is vital when it comes to minimising risk of vulnerabilities introduced by apps.

Apps are at the heart of user productivity.

MobileIron Core now provides a level of actionable insights that can help you justify the costs associated with app procurement and development, as well as ensure that app-driven compliance metrics are being met.

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