The Appurity team heads to Berlin

28 May 2019

We spent a very informative couple of days at MobileIron Live! 2019 in Berlin.

This compelling programme focused on preparing for the future of enterprise security with mobile at the centre – not at the edge. Here at Appurity, we specialise in mobile security. So, this event’s philosophy was very close to our hearts.

In fact, many key themes running through the event – from having one-device-for-everything to password-less authentication – were closely aligned with Appurity’s mobile-centric way of working with our customers

Like MobileIron, our solutions are based on a zero-trust framework to secure cloud services in the perimeter-less world. That’s why we’re so keen to work alongside this leading mobile security organisation.

“Following the timely news about the latest WhatsApp breach, we learnt how MobileIron’s Threat Defense (MTD) solution would have helped to mitigate the attack.”

The importance of Threat Defense

Following the timely news about the latest WhatsApp breach, we learnt how MobileIron’s Threat Defense (MTD) solution would have helped to mitigate the attack.

MTD would have immediately identified devices running the vulnerable WhatsApp versions, which allowed Pegasus spyware to gain access. This is because MTD uses advanced app analysis capabilities designed to identify and prevent such attacks

The importance of Zero sign-on

Part of the conversation at MobileIron Live! revolved around zero sign-on. In other words, the end of passwords. According to MobileIron: “single sign-on is still one sign-in too many.”

MobileIron’s experts talked about making mobile devices your identity. This would create a world where anyone can have a seamless authentication experience anywhere on the planet, with just their phone. It would mean the highest security for all devices.

This is food for thought for the future of mobile security.

Samsung Knox aligns with Android Enterprise

From discussions at the event, it became clear that Samsung Knox and Android Enterprise are becoming more closely aligned and unifying their messages.

This is an interesting development. It may due to everything that’s happened with Huawei recently. But at this point, we’re speculating.

Our next event will be the Google Summit and we’ll be reporting back via our next blog.

Watch this space.

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