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MobileIron Unified Endpoint Management (UEM)

Securing the Everywhere Enterprise

Using the MobileIron platform, Everywhere Enterprises can enable employees to work from anywhere, while ensuring that corporate data is secure on any device, application or network.

The UEM platform is built to ensure modern endpoint and app security, and is available in three bundles.

Bundle 1:

Secure UEM

This bundle covers individual licenses to streamline security and management capabilities for Android, Windows 10, iOS and macOS devices.

Bundle 2:

Secure UEM Premium

This bundle covers multiple licenses with extended security and device management capabilities. These include secure productivity suite, secure connectivity, and advanced conditional access capabilities for cloud apps and on-premise services.

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Additional purchasing options

Bundle 3:

Secure UEM + MobileIron Threat Defense

Advanced capabilities such as mobile threat detection ensure organisations are continually protected against targeted mobile attacks. MobileIron has integrated mobile threat detection and remediation with their UEM apps to make deployment, detection and remediation easier and more effective.

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MobileIron Zero Sign-On

Advanced capabilities such as passwordless multi-factor authentication (MFA) ensure organisations are continually protected against identity threats and targeted mobile attacks.

MobileIron Zero Sign-on can be added on to MobileIron UEM apps to eliminate passwords and reduce the risk of data breaches.

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The incapptic Connect enterprise software quickly and efficiently enables publishing and updates of internally and externally developed mobile apps.

This solution replaces the error-prone manual publishing process with a smooth, automated process that allows you to publish your apps in just two minutes.

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Superior end user choice during device enrolment

MobileIron UEM enables users to stay productive and happy on their favorite devices by supporting a seamless and native device experience. Users can get up and running fast because IT can provision devices automatically and over the air, so users can simply power up their devices to get all of the security configurations, settings, data, and apps they need on their iOS, macOS, Android and Windows 10 devices with minimum manual interaction.

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