Uninterrupted connectivity for your mobile workforce

With increased security, greater visibility and a better user experience, NetMotion will keep your workforce connected, wherever they are.

The world is more mobile than ever.

Improve the quality of your networks

When your mobile workers struggle with patchy 4G coverage and unreliable public Wi-Fi, getting stuff done in the field becomes more challenging. NetMotion enhances, prioritises and reinforces the quality of any network your devices are connected to.

Maintain a constant connection – even in deadzones

It’s a huge drain on productivity when devices need to reauthenticate or reload tasks when switching between networks such as Wi-Fi and LTE. NetMotion’s unique functionality maintains connectivity even when devices enter network deadzones or lose their connection entirely.

Highly rated for seamless connectivity


of the biggest US airlines rely on NetMotion.


organisations in more than 50 countries use NetMotion.


annual customer renewal rate.


Net Promoter score.


average user rating on App stores.


of North American police forces use NetMotion.

Gain greater control

With NetMotion, you can implement acceptable usage policies on the networks you own, and still enable your corporate devices to seamlessly and safely connect elsewhere. You can also set powerful security, compliance and appropriate usage policies on any network for any device.

For a vastly improved user experience

Although traditional VPNs have been around for decades, there’s never been one that gives you this level of uninterrupted connectivity. Give your workforce highly secure remote access without any of the traditional issues that come with mobile working. This is something that your employees really want on their devices.

Gain more visibility across your mobile fleet

Unlike the desktop environment, monitoring what’s really happening on your mobile devices is almost impossible. However, NetMotion will provide you with unique data concerning the apps, sites, networks and behaviours that matter. It also finds easy ways to address issues and improve performance.

Get the fastest possible network speeds

Using traffic shaping and acceleration, NetMotion improves the performance of whichever network your work devices are connected to. This means workers will complete tasks faster to increase productivity – even on slow or unreliable networks.

Purpose-built to meet the performance and security demands of today’s mobile workers.

Most workers now get their job done somewhere other than behind a desk, but the experience of working remotely is often awful. NetMotion is designed to improve that experience and make your mobile workers more productive.

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