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9 August 2016 | Android, AfW, MDM

In more bad news for Android users, the team at Check Point Mobile Research are reporting a new security flaw that they claim affects upto 900 million Android devices. Checkpoint Advise

"Any Android device built using these chipsets is at risk."

1 October 2014 | BlackBerry, MDM, BES10, BES12, Growing Mobile Workforce, EZ Pass Program

BlackBerry achieves the highest score in the “Strategy” category.

25 September 2014 | MobileIron, Apple, Samsung, MDM, MAM

MobileIron Platform Achieves Highest Scores in Industry for Innovation, Revenue, and Growth.

14 September 2014 | BES10, BlackBerry, Apple, Growing Mobile Workforce, Secure Workspace, MDM

BlackBerry server and clients support Apple iOS 8, in prepation for the rollout on September 17.

4 April 2014 | MobileIron, MDM, MAM, Apple, Samsung, Business Apps

MobileIron announce version 6 and MobileIron Tunnel.

27 January 2014 | App Culture, Application Security, Business Apps, MDM, MAM, MobileIron

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