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13 November 2017 | BlackBerry, Secure Workspace

Business mobility specialists, Appurity, consider the issues and opportunities around secure mobile collaboration.

14 September 2014 | BES10, BlackBerry, Apple, Growing Mobile Workforce, Secure Workspace, MDM

BlackBerry server and clients support Apple iOS 8, in prepation for the rollout on September 17.

20 February 2014 | BES10, BlackBerry, Secure Workspace, Application Security, Business Apps

"Protecting Enterprise Information on Mobile Devices, Using Managed Information Containers"

10 December 2013 | BlackBerry, BES10, Application Security, Secure Workspace

On the 2nd December, BlackBerry launched BES 10.2. Within a week of launch Appurity has found a stagering number of businesses inetrested in the technology, and have already upgraded several customers and integrated into new.