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9 October 2013 | Wi-Fi, Aerohive, Growing Mobile Workforce, Mobility, App Culture

New Access Points Enable Transition to 802.11ac High Performance Wi-Fi and Provide Seamless, Plug-and-Play Integration into Existing Networks.

9 August 2013 | Aerohive, ACN, Apple, Wi-Fi
Apple Consultants Network

Holiday Extras needed to upgrade its corporate infrastructure to support expansion of the business. In particular, it needed bandwidth and throughput to accommodate connections from almost double the number of devices since 2012. The volume of data crossing the network has increased nearly fourfold within a year. Holiday Extras runs an Apple infrastructure and, as far as possible, operates a wire-free office.

5 September 2012 | Growing Mobile Workforce, MDM, MobileIron, Mobility, Wi-Fi, Application Delivery, Aging Infrastructure

In a report from consultancy Forrester, Charting the Rise of Bring-Your-Own Technology, information technology analyst Connie Moore predicts that within two years companies will no longer issue standard productivity technology for staff.

She notes: “Instead of providing corporate PCs, most enterprises will either give employees a BYOT [bring your own technology] allowance or just assume the employee already owns the technology needed to do the job.”

29 June 2012 | MDM, BYOD, Growing Mobile Workforce, Wi-Fi, Application Security

Organizations today are being forced to come to terms with bring-your-own-device (BYOD) challenges, and associated issues, due to increasing user familiarity and dependence on smart devices. Users are increasingly tapping into consumer devices and services to support their business roles and boost productivity in unexpected ways. Trying to push back this flood is futile, and you may only ignore BYOD issues at your peril.

6 June 2012 | Growing Mobile Workforce, Aging Infrastructure, Wi-Fi

World IPv6 Day event held on 8 June 2011.

20 March 2012 | Infrastructure, Growing Mobile Workforce, Wi-Fi

The GSMA and WBA expect to harmonise different approaches to automatic mobile handoffs in nine months.