Keep your business secure with BlackBerry apps

As your employees become more mobile, you need solutions that will keep your organisation’s data secure.

BlackBerry Apps

BlackBerry Workspaces

If you’re familiar with applications like Dropbox, you’ll have an idea of what Workspaces can do. The key difference is that Workspaces offers enterprise-grade security and management. So, your people can share documents securely with colleagues, partners and other third parties. However, administrators can wipe documents at any time – even after they have been downloaded.

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BlackBerry Apps

BlackBerry AtHoc

This battle-tested system is designed to help your people to communicate and collaborate quickly in times of crisis. Interoperable communications, work across different devices. So, the right people can securely share information during critical events. You can send a notification out to a large audience, across devices. And gain real-time visibility of all your employees to let you know if they are safe.

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BlackBerry Apps

BlackBerry Notifications

With Notifications, administrators message users via their preferred channel directly from the UEM console. It cuts through the clutter with messages that are noticed.

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The Oriel Connector lets your employees use their iManage Work system with BlackBerry Workspaces for greater control of your content.

Now your users can have the best of both worlds. They can continue to use iManage to create, manage and collaborate on projects from anywhere on any device. At the same time, BlackBerry Workspaces reduces the risk, complexity and cost of sharing information created in iManage across and beyond your organisation. It’s a win-win situation thanks to Oriel.

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Keeping police communications secure

AtHoc provides a UK police force with a unified communication platform that has replaced insecure SMS and Instant Messaging. Multi-modal communications ensure messages reach all staff, regardless of the devices they are using. Plus, all officers can always be accounted for via AtHoc’s live mapping capabilities.

Why Appurity?

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Our endpoint control solutions give your people the freedom they need to be more innovative, responsive and productive.

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We’re dedicated to optimising and securing your networks to protect your organisation from threats.

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We’re dedicated to optimising and securing your networks to protect your organisation from threats.

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