Returning to work safely is a priority

15 June 2020

The “new normal” is set to change yet again

The “new normal” is set to change yet again. Just as everyone was getting used to working from home, government restrictions are gradually easing and many businesses are preparing to bring people back into the workplace.

While economic recovery will take time, a swift return to work is key to minimising the impact of the inevitable recession, so the sooner everyone is back at work the better. However, to avoid a second wave of Covid-19 infection and to stay in line with corporate responsibility measures, it is vital that employees are brought back into your premises in a secure and safe way.

Here are the two most important steps you should take:

Maintain social distancing

The 2m social distancing rule applies in your physical workspace until there is a vaccine and Covid-19 is no longer a health threat to your employees. A digital social distancing solution will help you to protect your workforce by alerting them if they accidentally break the 2m rule (or any other distance specified by the government). This means everyone will constantly maintain the correct physical distance while they are at work.

Provide contact tracing

One of the most important tools available to stop the spread of any outbreak is contact tracing. This will help you to identify an infected individual and prevent others from being in contact with him or her, which will minimise further infection. A contact tracing app will also enable you to quickly initiate social distancing and quarantine measures as and when necessary with multiple communication methods to reach your employees.

If you’re planning a return-to-work in a safe and secure way, Appurity provides the Fluid Mobility app with social distancing and contact tracing capabilities.

Return to work safely.

Fluid Mobility has developed two new features to combat challenges in the COVID-19 environment.

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