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Secure, optimised mobile solutions for the liberated future

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Druva inSync

End-to-end defence for data in the wild

Compliant back-up, containerisation and secure file sharing for liberated mobile workers

Mobile device management and, critically, mobile data management, have finally caught up with mobile users.

Druva inSync adds a layer of capabilities to solutions such as MobileIron (it's part of the AppConnect ecosystem) that gives you MDM-style control over data on laptops and fixed PCs as well as smartphones and tablets.

  • Data and file back-up: an almost invisible user experience that works across all platforms (laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets; Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8)
  • Integrated secure file sharing: provide users with anytime, anywhere access to their data, with built-in collaboration tools to improve productivity
  • Integrated data loss protection (DLP): eliminate data breaches on lost/stolen devices by encrypting endpoint data, with remote wipe of corporate data
  • Mobile containerisation: apply BYOD policies for full control and visibility of corporate data, while preserving user privacy
  • Centralised data: retain authorised central access to all data across all users and devices – essential for compliance and when providing support

Druva inSync Architecture

This the only integrated data protection and management solution that gives you endpoint back-up, secure file sharing, data loss prevention and analytics. You have protection and governance of all endpoints, so you can liberate your people with complete peace of mind.

MDM and MAM: the inevitable scary numbers bit

You know the risks of mobility. Everyone does. And yet:

  • 28% of corporate data is held exclusively on mobile endpoints (according to Gartner)
  • Only 35% of corporate laptops are backed-up (says ESG)
  • Only 28% of CIOs believe their mobile security policies would satisfy an auditor (Gartner tells us)
  • 66% of employees use unsanctioned file sharing (claim SkyDox)

The fact is, the rate of change in this world is so fast that even these data on MDM and MAM are probably already out of date. But no matter what the industry figures say, only you can be a realistic judge of the state of your own defences. And, what it will take to put the right solutions in place.

Making the business case for mobile security

In our experience, the biggest problem for IT professionals is getting the buy-in of the board for a sensible investment in this kind of mobile security.

You probably know exactly what the risks are, but your non-specialist colleagues and bosses have other priorities. You have to fight to get them to release the funds you need to put protection in place that will withstand fierce legal scrutiny.

We can help you build the business case that shows not only that solutions like Druva inSync are affordable, but also that they make a positive contribution to the business numbers by unlocking productivity and enabling agility.

We can work that out specifically for you, but, for now, here are some more general numbers about Druva inSync that might help:

  • Druva inSync is excellent value. According to a 2012 Ponemon Study:
    • Druva’s integrated endpoint backup, file sharing, DLP, and analytics saves customers nearly $8,000 (roughly £5,000 at the time of writing) per user every year
    • The annual, per-user cost of Druva is a fraction of that – generally between $50 (£30-ish) and $200 (£120-ish) per user*

Druva inSync analyst ratings

inSync is rated #1 by Gartner for endpoint backup (2012 & 2013) and “excellent” for the mobile workforce.

Appurity services for Druva inSync

We can design, deliver and manage your inSync deployment for you. We’ll take care of the process from end-to-end:

  • Network audit to assess your readiness for the deployment
  • Integration with existing MDM and MAM solutions such as MobileIron
  • Assessment of user needs and review of your device estate
  • Configuration and roll-out of the management interface
  • Analytics and reporting

Please contact us for more information about Druva inSync.

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