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AtHoc Networked Crisis Communication Suite

Notify anyone, anywhere, on any device

Simple, effective crisis communication

AtHoc Networked Crisis Communications Suite is used by organisations of all sizes to minimise the impact of any event which could seriously affect routine operations, or the long-term functioning of the business.

The Suite combines mobile, hybrid cloud services and the IP network to enable real-time collaboration with anyone, anywhere, across virtually any device.

It is a unified and secure suite of integrated applications: Alert, Collect, Account and Connect. They run on AtHoc's secure cloud platform, connecting users, organisations and devices wherever they are. When it matters most, you have an Internet of People and Things, connecting access controls, social media, fire panels, sirens, mobile apps, two-way radios, and even wearable devices.

  • Alert™ – an emergency notification system unifying all networks and devices to alert everyone that needs to know. Emergency managers can implement two-way communication across the entire enterprise, from a single web-based console or mobile device.
  • Collect™ – enables people on the front line of an incident to tell you what’s happening with geo-tagged media reports. Managers can direct resources rapidly to where they are most needed.
  • Account™ – real-time visibility of location and status, during an incident and for post-event reviews. People in the field can also file reports on their location and status when they need urgent assistance, or if they need to notify managers of a change in their situation.
  • Connect™ – seamless collaboration in real-time with third-party organisations such as blue-light services, as well as with any other local groups that may be affected by an incident. AtHoc Connect allows a truly co-ordinated and effective response by everyone involved, while helping to mitigate the impact on the wider community. 

AtHoc customers include the US Coast Guard, the US Strategic Command, Eastman Chemical and Raleigh-Durham International Airport. These are organisations for whom ‘crisis’ can mean incidents with the most serious consequences.

In business, a crisis may not always have the same human impact, but a significant loss of essential services, or a major incident such as a fire or flood, still requires a rapid and effective response.

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